1985 Honda FourTrax 250 Specs, Price & Review

Honda Fourtrax 250

Despite being released in 1986 – 198, Honda FourTrax 250 took 38 years to become popular with general consumers. It is one of those UTVs that set the trend of High-quality quads for the Honda. Stylish, compact, and outdoor-ready, this four-wheeler is equipped with everything you need to hit the trails or sand. Currently, it is regarded as a collector’s quad.

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About Honda FourTrax 250

Honda FourTrax 250

Honda FourTrax 250 is a UTV with a 246 cc four-stroke engine with a single cylinder. An air cooling system is also available in it that keeps the engine temperature low. Although it has a manual constant-mesh five-speed transmission, you will get an automatic wet multidisc centrifugal clutch.

Furthermore, it has Trailing arm front forks with 2 inches of travel and swing arm rear suspension with 3.9 inches of travel. It is also equipped with 21×7-10 front tires and 25×12-9 rear tires, along with a Hydraulic drum brake for the front wheel and a Cable-operated drum brake for the rear wheel.

Top Speed of Honda FourTrax 250

1985 Honda FourTrax 250 top speed is 50 – 53 mph with a maximum power of 19.3 hp / 19.6 PS and maximum torque of 2.03 kg/m3 / 14.7 ft-lb. Compared with its release date, its top speed with HP and torque is impressive. Similar to the latest models, for instance, Honda Rancher 420, you can take it anywhere; even with its 4×4 option, it can surpass steep slopes.


Here is the specification of this quad given below.

Engine Type246 cc ( 15 ci) 4 Stroke Air Cooled
Cylinder ArrangementSingle cylinder inclined 20 degrees
Bore x Stroke74 mm (2.9 in) x 57.3 mm (2.3 in)
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Starter TypeElectric and forward kick start
Clutch TypeAutomatic wet multidisc centrifugal
Transmission Type5 speed constant mesh with reverse
Ignition TypeCDI
CDI Identification MarkCI-91 (HA8)
Spark PlugDR8ES-L (NGK), X24ESR-U (Denso)
Spark Plug Gap Max0.6-0.7 mm (0.024-0.028 in)
Front SuspensionTrailing arms, 2 in travel
Rear SuspensionSwing arm, 3.9 in travel
Front Brake TypeHydraulic drum
Rear Brake TypeCable-operated drum
Front Tire Size (HxW-R)21 x 7 – 10
Rear Tire Size (HxW-R)25 x 12 – 9
Front Rim Size (W x H)5.5 x 10
Rear Rim Size (W x H)9.25 x 9
Length x Width x Height1875 mm (73.8 in) x 1080 mm (42.2 in) x 1020 mm ( 40.2 in)
Seat Height765 mm (30.1 in)
Wheelbase1235 mm (48.6 in)
Ground Clearance160 mm (6.3 in)
Dry Weight212 kg (467.5 lb)
Caster Angle & Trail8° & 42mm (1.65 in)


Honda FourTrax 250 has a 246 cc (15 ci) four-stroke engine with 20 degrees inclined single cylinder. It has air cooled system that keeps the engine temperature low even in extreme conditions. You will also get a 74 mm (2.9 in) x 57.3 mm (2.3 in) Bore x Stroke ratio and 9.0:1 Compression Ratio.

Furthermore, it has a constant-mesh five-speed transmission with a reverse option and automatic wet multidisc centrifugal clutch. You will also get CI-91 (HA8) Capacitor discharge ignition with DR8ES-L (NGK) spark plug. Although a push-button electric starter is also included with the wheeler, the forward kick start proves more reliable, especially during cold weather. 

Here is the Transmission gear ratio of this UTV given below.

Primary Reduction2.407
First Gear4.083
Second Gear2.389
Third Gear1.609
Fourth Gear1.179
Fifth Gear0.906
Final Reduction5.684
Gear Shift PatternN – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5


The Suspension works to provide a smooth and comfy ride to its rider, absorbing all the jolts and bumps on the road. Interestingly, you will get a class-leading suspension system in this quad that sets FourTrax 250 apart from its category. 

Furthermore, its Suspension includes Trailing arm front forks with 2 inches of travel and swing arm rear suspension with 3.9 inches of travel in this quad. Even if it is from 1985, you can adjust compression and rebound according to weight and the condition of the route. Lastly, you will also get high-speed stability and good steering feel due to these suspensions.

Front SuspensionTrailing arms
Rear SuspensionSwing arm
Front Wheel Travel50 mm (2 in)
Rear Wheel Travel100 mm (3.9 in)

Brakes & Tires 

In order to stop the vehicle, brakes provide resistance to the wheel. For that purpose, you will get a Hydraulic drum brake for the front wheel and a Cable-operated drum brake for the rear wheel. However, these brakes provide good stopping power despite being adequate.

Coming on the tire, it has 21×7-10 front tires and 25×12-9 rear tires, along with the 5.5×10 front and 9.25×9 rear rims. All these are good quality Ohtsu® tires providing adequate height and grip on the road. Lastly, for a better riding experience, you can replace the front tire with a slightly taller tire.

Front Brake TypeHydraulic drum
Rear Brake TypeCable operated drum

What’s the Price of Honda FourTrax 250?

The listed price of the FourTrax 250 is $3,697, but it is now not manufactured, so you have to go with the used quad, which is available in the price range of $200 – $2,100. Its price is totally dependent on the condition and functionality of its various parts. Since it is an old model, finding it can be a real challenge 


There is no doubt that Honda FourTrax 250 is a good UTV with a powerful engine. In addition to its amazing agility, it has several highlights, such as its predictable handling and class-leading Suspension that provides a highly comfortable ride and the option to adjust the Suspension according to weight. 

Moreover, it laid the foundation for Honda’s line of high-quality utility vehicles. In general, it is a good quad for the cheapest price, but finding it can be difficult. So it can be a good idea to consider one if you find one in good condition.


Here are the frequently asked questions, and their answers given below.

Is Honda FourTrax 250 automatic?

Honda FourTrax 250 has a manual five-speed transmission with an automatic wet multidisc centrifugal clutch.

Where is Honda FourTrax made?

Honda FourTrax UTVs are made in Honda’s South Carolina plant in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

What size motor is in a Honda FourTrax 250?

Honda FourTrax 250 has a 246 cc / cm3 sized motor in it.

How much weight can a Honda FourTrax 250 pull?

Honda FourTrax 250 has one front rack with a capacity of 33 lbs and another one on the rear side with a capacity of 66 lbs. Moreover, it can tow up to 500 lbs, so that you can take a lot of stuff with you on the trip.

What’s the Difference between Honda FourTrax 300 & FourTrax 250?

Comparing the FourTrax 250, the Honda FourTrax 300 has a slightly larger engine displacement. Both are available in 4×4 and have almost the same power and top speed, but the 300 is easily available and has readily available parts. On the other hand, finding a good-conditioned 250 is a real-time pain. Further, you can imagine what happens if you want some spare parts for it, so FourTrax 300 is a clear winner.  

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