BMW S1000RR Specs, Features, & Review


People who are fond of riding and racing are always waiting for the newest model of bikes to come to the market. They always have their eyes set on their favorite brands and buy the new motorbike as soon as it comes to the market. The same was the situation with the fans of the BMW S1000RR as soon as it entered the market.

The engine strength and power capacity of the BMW S1000RR are unmatched. The engine power is 205 HP. It has a maximum torque of 83 lb-ft at 11,000 rpm, and the torque curve is at least 74 lb-ft over a range of 5,500 to 14,500 rpm. Moreover, its weight is 427 lbs (193.7 kg). 

It is not new in the market as it is a bike that has been continuing the legacy of its ancestor models. About ten years ago, the first generation of this bike brought a revolution in the racing world. Ever since its inception, constant innovations have been underway. The result is the present bike that has unmatched power and speed. They have updated the weight, performance, and all other bike details to update it up to the present model. 

Prominent Features

This is a new model of bike that first came to the market in 2010. It has the latest fourth generation of machinery installed in it. It has the best electronics that were inspired by MotoGP. Moreover, handling the bike is also very easy, making it the first choice of adventurous racers and bikers. It is a significant update to the previous model with the latest gadgets employed in its making. Moreover, the best thing about this is its sultry look, which becomes the racers’ heartbeat.

Colour variations

Bikers prefer to avoid being given a uniform and fixed colour, and the creators of this model understand this need. Therefore, it is available in three different colours, each of which is different in its own right. These colours give the users a variety to select from all the available shades. You may choose from the following available colours:

  • Mineral Gray Metallic
  • Black Storm Metallic 
  • Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red      

An Ultimate Aggressive Look 

The layout of the BMW S1000RR is designed in such a way as to make it very light for the riders. The seating position is also designed specially to make it the most comfortable seat ever. It is made keeping in view the person’s body alignment to match the bike’s so they would not feel tired. 

The headlights at the forefront of the bike give it an aggressive, racing look. The position of the front indicators is changed to the rearview mirrors. This makes it look more aesthetically pleasing for the people. 

As far as lighting is concerned, the front portion of the bike has LED lights in the spot of the license plate. It also includes the turn, brake, and tail lights. 

Best for Racing Tracks

If you are looking for a bike for riding on a racing track, you can find no better option than this one. You may remove the license plate bracket and the rearview mirror to make it look like a racing bike. Doing this will take a few minutes, and the standard bike will be a racing bike.

The Redesigned Engine

BMW S100RR Engine

The engine for his motorbike is redesigned to a four-cylinder with an output of 205 HP at 13000 rpm. Some changes were also made in the torque curve. It uses a unique technology that uses a camshaft to decide the opening and lifting of the valve. The primary benefit of this technology is that it can increase torque and power in normal speed ranges. 

Numerous changes were made to the engine to improve its ergonomics and reduce the weight of the engine. It is now 9 lbs less weight, making it very easy to handle the motorbike. 

Gear Shift Assistance 

Gear Shift Assistance

BMW S1000RR highlighted this significant feature of this motorbike. It uses a feature called Gear Shift Assist Pro that makes it easy to shift gears on the road. You do not have to pull the clutch lever repeatedly whenever you shift the gear. The result is that you can concentrate your focus on the road or track and enjoy your ride. 

The Perfect Sitting

BMW S100RR Seat

The arrangement of the tank, frame, seat and foot pegs has been modified to make perfect ergonomics. It allows a person to move freely, has a perfect knee closure, and has firmer support. The seat height is 32.4 in with an inner leg curve of 71.9°.

Narrow Frame 

BMW S100RR Frame

The frame of this BMW model is reduced to increase speed and easy piercing through the air. The width of the bike is about 30 mm, reducing the bike’s weight. 

The frame is made from aluminium, designed very carefully to make it sturdy and rigid. The front of the bike looks very impressive, with LED lights adding to the charm. These lights not only increase the aesthetic appeal of the bike but also make it easy to focus on the road. 

The Front Display

BMW S100RR Front

It also has a fantastic front display that provides the rider with all the updates about the motorbike. It has a very convenient display with a screen of about 6.5 inches. The display system on the left side of the screen provides all the updates about fuel, engine, tires, etc.  

Braking System

Braking System

Hayes, an American firm expert at Harley brakes, provides the brakes. It has a solid design along with a piston and a master cylinder.

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If you are a rider looking for your next bike, BMW S1000RR is your best option. Its aggressive and sporty design will become the ultimate realization of your riding dreams. It will make you feel exalted and refreshed just by sitting on the bike. A ride will help you get relieved from all the worries of the day. 

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