Car Alarm Keeps Going off: 8 common issues and their solution

When your car alarm keeps going off, it can annoy you and your neighbors. Nowadays, the car alarm buzzing issue is the most common. Faulty alarm installation and other things can be a cause of this issue that we have discussed below.

After reading this article am sure that you will not be embarrassed next time due to the Car alarm issue. If you want to know more about the primary and common causes of the car alarm going off, then be with me. I will tell you all the causes, how to fix them and turn off the alarm.

Common Alarm issues & Their Solutions

Car Alarm

Car alarms keep going off for many reasons, and I will try to discuss these reasons. Here are some of the reasons for the false Alarm of cars.

Here are the common alarm issues listed below.

  • Poor Installation
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • Movement & shock Sensor
  • Hood Latch Sensor
  • Low or Faulty battery
  • Entry Key Fob
  • Wrong wiring causes the Alarm to go off
  • Bungle Control module

Let’s have a look at how to stop your car alarm from going off!

Poor Installation

If you are a car guy and love to do your car things by yourself, this can save you money, but you will likely need to catch up during DIY installation. A poorly installed car alarm can be prone to false alarms, which can be frustrating for the owner and anyone nearby. This can be caused by loose wiring, incorrect sensor placement, or other issues. Also, Poorly installed car alarms can cause electrical problems with the vehicle, such as draining the battery or causing the vehicle’s electrical system to malfunction.

It is important to have a car alarm installed by a professional who is knowledgeable about the specific make and model of the vehicle, and who follows proper installation procedures to ensure that the alarm works effectively and does not cause any issues with the vehicle.

Heavy Goods Vehicle

Some car sensors are so sensitive that when a large goods vehicle passes by they start to sound. If your car is parked outside and the late-night critters are setting it off, try to park it in your garage or if you don’t have a garage, try to rent one to avoid this problem.

Movement & Shock Sensor

Movement and shock sensors depend on your car models. Some movement and shock sensors are so sensitive that they can even turn off if a dog or cat gently touches the car. Some cars come with a factory-installed alarm. You can adjust the movement and shock sensors using a diagnostic scanner.

Some cars like BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi need this adjustment as their sensors are over-sensitive. Please check the Alarm before buying, as some aftermarket alarms don’t have adjustment options.

Hood Latch Sensor

A hood latch sensor is a simple electric switch in your car that senses when the hood is open or closed. It shows a warning light on your dash when the hood is open or closed, but the car alarm will go off if your hood latch sensor is faulty. It doesn’t matter if you are driving the car or the car is parked in the street at night; this will trigger the Alarm.

Dirt is the main reason for the defective hood latch sensor. You can use a piece of soft fabric and a break cleaner to cleaner the hood latch sensor. After cleaning, you may have to replace the hood latch sensor if you hear the Alarm.

Low or Faulty Battery 

A low battery and a faulty battery can both be the cause of a car alarm going off. If your car alarm is randomly going off in the middle of the night and you find your car battery dead in the morning, it means your battery is faulty. 

You can test your car battery using a voltmeter and check the voltage. If the voltage reading is less than 12.6 V, you may need to jolt or replace your battery.

Entry Key Fob

The key fob is a short-range radio transmitter remote used in a keyless entry system. The key fob has a small battery inside its body. With excessive use, the battery goes flat and cannot connect to the car correctly. So this can cause the Alarm to start its sound.

You can resolve this problem quickly at home. Most of the key fobs take coin batteries. Coin battery is readily available in the market, buy one and replace the key fob battery.

Wrong Wiring cause the Alarm goes off

Wrong and improper wiring can also be a reason the car alarm goes off. If your sensor, the key fob, and the battery are all working well; it must be a wiring issue. A wiring issue can be caused by a part of the electric wire connecting the Alarm with the sensors being defected or disconnected. 

You quickly solve this problem by taking the help of a professional. He will find and efficiently repair the wiring issue. 

Bungle Control module

Nowadays, a car alarm is a basic necessity of a car, so companies are installing alarm systems in their cars with an alarm control module. The aftermarket alarm system also has an alarm control module. If this control module fails or is broken down, it can send false signals to different elements. This will trigger an alarm to start sound.

Diagnosing this can be a trouble. If you cannot find the problem, then take your car to the automotive professional, and he will set up or replace the module.

What to do When the Car Alarm does not Stop its Sound

Suppose your car alarm keeps going off. If you are feeling embarrassed, or your neighbors are getting angry, and you are finding a way to turn your alarm system off, you can use one of these tricks to turn your Alarm sound off.

Here are some tricks you may use to switch off the Alarm instantly.

  • Reset the car alarm
  • Fuse pulling
  • Lock/unlock car doors
  • The shut-off switch

Reset the Car Alarm System

If you have a car with a factory installed or aftermarket alarm system and your car alarm is not turning off. You can reset the alarm system to stop its sound.

Fuse pulling

There are many different ways to turn off the alarm system. You may need a fuse-pulling tool to pull the fuse from the fuse box to shut the Alarm off, which will not let the alarm sound again until you put the fuse back. Make sure to detach the battery before pulling the fuse.

Lock or Unlock Car Doors

You can instantly turn off the alarm system by just using the key fob. Clicking on the lock/unlock buttons will instantly turn off the alarm system. If for some reason, your key fob is not working, then you can use the physical key to lock and unlock the car doors to turn the Alarm sound off.

The Shut-off Switch

This solution will not work for a car with an official alarm system, but on the other hand, the aftermarket alarm system has a shut-off switch; you have to find and press the button to shut the alarm sound.

If you are still looking for the switch, then see the alarm system manual, or you can connect with your car mechanic to know where the shut-off switch of your alarm system is.

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Here are some of the most common problems your can alarm might be going off. You can simply resolve it by pulling the fuse, resetting the alarm, or shutting off the alarm switch. If you are exhausted from doing everything, then you can remove the unit or wires from your car entirely. You can also do partial removal of the wire. This will help you reconnect the Alarm in the future.

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