Top 7 Chinese ATV Brands In 2023

chinese atv brands

ATVs are popular as they are powerful and compact machines with easy handling. ATVs are fun off-road rides; you can use them for hard work, like on farms. These ATVs are even used in professional racing. 

Most Japanese ATV brands are expensive, so most people are moving toward Chinese ATVs. Chinese products are known for being cheap and relatively low-quality, but some premium brands offer high-quality products. I will tell you about the top Chinese ATV brands that can compete with Top mainstream ATV brands in power and quality.

Be with me if you want to know more about top Chinese ATV brands. So let’s get started.

Chinese ATVs are moderate in price, so broader populations with the ATV craze can buy them and enjoy their ride. You and your kids can get an incredible off-road adventure without breaking the bank.

As mainstream brands are upgrading their ATVs, Chinese ATVs are also upgrading their vehicle durability and technology. So here are the top 7 Chinese ATV Brands manufactured by Chinese companies.

  • X-PRO
  • Apollo
  • CFMoto
  • Yongkang Bayoing
  • Linhai
  • Coolster
  • Ice Bear
  • Tao Tao


X-PRO Company is under the Moto Pro Company, and they are managing the sale its sales globally. These ATVs are manufactured in China and then available for sale in X-PRO’s warehouse in the U.S. The X-PRO warehouse is in California, and the ATVs are assembled there. Considering the quality, I assure you that you will be blown away by its superiority. 

Its seats are comfortable, the tires are wide, and the engine is the best in performance. Its four-stock engine ensures a smooth ride in the roughest landscape. 

They offer ATVs for adults and children, with beginner models being their most popular. For Instance, X-PRO ATV is available in four variants: X-PRO EAGLE 125cc, X-PRO THUNDER 125cc, X-PRO 125cc, and X-PRO BOLT 110cc. 

Zhejiang Apollo

Zhejiang Apollo ATVs are known for their superior quality products and maintain a reputed position in the market as the best Chinese ATVs. Their ATVs are reasonably priced so that everybody can afford them. The company uses four stocks with single-cylinder engines for their ATVs. These ATVs are one of the few that come fully assembled and available in the U.S. market.

There are different variants of Apollo ATV in the market along with different colors like red, white, and black, but mainly they produce 125cc to 250cc category engines. 200cc engine is the most elegant of all. 

You can Consider Apollo if you are looking for powerful ATVs at an affordable price. Different models of Apollo include the Apollo Sportrax 125cc, Apollo Sniper 125cc, Apollo VMoto Blazer 9 125cc, and Apollo commander 200cc.


CFMoto is also a 33 years old Chinese brand and worked under the umbrella of KTM; its headquarter is in Hangzhou, china. All products are robust, superior in quality, and budget-friendly so you can consider them when choosing an ATV from a Chinese brand. They also manufacture vehicles for police like Chunfeng CF650-2 and CF1250J.

CFMoto makes a wide range of great ATVs underneath the CForce series. There is an outstanding grip of handling on the road and flawless breaking. All the CForce series are cageless, but they have utility racks so you can easily store food, a first aid kit, or anything else.

Their ATVs include CFORCE 500, CFORCE 600, CFORCE 400, and CFORCE C800 XC.

Yongkang Bayoing

Yongkang Bayoing is a globally recognized brand. They have been producing four-wheelers for the past decade and are famous for producing high-end designed ATVs at affordable prices. They have the tag of producing the best electric vehicles in the world. To display advanced features, the company uses the latest technology. 

The company mainly focuses on making its products affordable, even for the middle class. You might think the company is offering its ATV at a low price because it has low quality, but, to tell you the truth, the company never compromises on its quality.

They use the most advanced machinery with modern-day technology, which their products can show. Four-wheelers by Yongkang Bayoing has robust and rugged engines; with these ATVs, you can go on an adventure like no other. They have Air-cooled engines, so riding rough will not make them overheat. 


The Linhai brand is known as LYM, a well-known Chinese brand, and currently, Linhai is the vice director of the Motorcycle Branch of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Globally, LYM was founded in 1956 and is known as the top ATV exporter. Yamaha and Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corporation are working together on the production of this ATV.

 The company’s biggest markets are Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Linhai offers many product lines, including motorcycles, utility task vehicles (UTVs), moped engines, and ATVs.

They are best for off-road and fun riding. Speed-wise, it may be faster than mainstream brands, but it may also be more durable and more efficient. They produce four types of products like mopeds engines, ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles.

Their popular ATVs include Linhai 550-D, Linhai ATV 300-D, and Linhai ATV M550L. Most of Linhai’s products are cageless except one: Linhai T-BOSS 550.


Coolster atv

Coolster is a Chinese brand established in 2002. They initially produced electric seated scooters, but later they stepped into the dirt bike, go-kart, and ATVs market.

It is a well-known brand with five hundred dealerships only in the U.S. Coolster offers many products. They also use advanced technology. 

Currently, Coolster has five hundred dealerships in the U.S. You can find varieties of ATV models of the Coolster brand. The company uses advanced technology to manufacture its ATVs with features such as automatic transmission, air-cooled engines, speed limiters, and many more.

Their ATV speed range is from 25mph to 58mph. No one should miss an adventure trip on rough landscapes, but off-road needs further precautions. You are going to get full safety and reliability on the Coolster.

It can resist the harshest geographies and are very long-lasting. 

Coolster offers its durable and affordable ATVs in three variants, including Coolster ATV-3125B2 (125cc), Coolster 3150DX-2 (150cc), and Coolster ATV-3050C (125cc).

Ice Bear

Ice Bear

Ice Bear started manufacturing ATVs in 2006, and Pacific Rim Int’l West Inc. is the holding company of this ATV brand. PRIWI simulates its Power sports products under the name Ice Bar. Their headquarters are in California, with branches in Georgia and Texas.

Ice Bear ATVs are effective, cheap, and resist bumpy landscape conditions. The company made its ATVs in china, but its product development center is in japan.

They are readily available in the U.S. Their different ATV variants include Ice Bear PAH110-2, Ice Bear PAH125-8S, and Ice Bear PAH125-8E.

Tao Tao

Tao Tao atv

Tao Tao is the product of Tao Motor started in 1985. They are a well-known and strong brand in the mini-bikes, Scooters, go-karts, and dirt bikes market.

It is valued for its high-quality products. As they are the biggest ATV seller in the U.S., they offer various ATV models, including 19 different ATV models. They have one of the best ATVs in the world.

Tao Tao ATVs are skilled in hunting, trail riding, and hauling. 

There are many reasons behind its popularity; one is its cheap ATVs. 

Tao Tao is comfortable and finest for the ride. Tao Tao can be a good option if you are willing to buy ATVs of exceptional quality and affordable prices.

Some famous Tao Tao ATVs are Tao Tao Bull 150cc, Tao Tao Adult Size Rhino 250, Tao Tao Utility ATA-125D – 110cc ATV, and Tao Tao TFORCE 110cc Youth Size ATV.

Going with the Chinese four-wheeler a good decision or not?

Many of us have a perception about Chinese brands that they are low in quality and are not value for money. To tell those people who have this type of perception about Chinese bands that they are wrong. 

Not all Chinese brands are cheap and low in quality, but other premium Chinese brands use high-quality machinery and the latest technology.

Although premium brands offer durable products that can easily resist bumpy terrain, they are less reliable than MainstreamMainstream ATVs. Those who can’t afford high-priced ATVs can taste the riding experience cheaply with the chinses ATVs.

How and Where to buy these Chinese ATVs?

There are many local dealers in the U.S., and many of these brands’ ATVs are available in their stores. So you can check them physically, which will make you choose easily.

You can also buy Chinese ATVs online. Many E-commerce platforms and official websites also offer their products online, making your buying process easier and more trustworthy.


I know you all want to find out what is best between Chinese and Japanese ATVs, so Japanese ATVs are the Top in quality and have no comparison in durability and performance. Still, the above-described Chinese ATVs are also top-notch but have an awful resale value. So if you are not concerned with the resale value, you can choose any of them according to your need, as some, like CFMoto and Linhai, need to be more knowledgeable. Some of them have storage space, like CFMoto.

They are not like mainstream ATVs, but they are comfortable and long-lasting. You can get the feel of ATVs by using them. They are similar to mainstream ATVs.

You can buy these Chinese ATVs online from around the world, and if you need to become more familiar with them online, you can buy them from local deals. Local dealers have ATVs in their stores, so you can physically check them and make your choice accordingly.

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