Honda CRF250R: A Detailed Review for Adventure Enthusiasts

Honda CRF250R

The Honda CRF250R, designed to take on adventure, combines precision engineering and unlimited power. With its storied motocross heritage, this bike shows Honda’s commitment to performance and innovation. As a result of its evolution over generations, it continues to dominate the dirt bike world, which is why racers and enthusiasts alike love it.

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Honda CRF250R Specs

Here are the specifications of this two-wheeler dirt bike given below.


Engine Type
liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement 249cc
Bore x Stroke 79.0mm x 50.9mm
Compression Ratio




Fuel Induction
Programmed Fuel-Injection system (PGM-FI); 44mm throttle bore
Final Drive #520 Chain; 13T/50T


Front Suspension

49mm leading-axle inverted Showa® SPG coil-spring fork with rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 12.2-inch travel

Rear Suspension Pro-Link Showa single shock with spring preload, rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 12.3-inch travel
Front Tire Pirelli Scorpion MX32 80/100-21
Rear Tire Pirelli Scorpion MX32 100/90-19
Front Brakes Single 260mm disc
Rear Brakes Single 240mm disc





4.6 inches

Wheelbase 58.1 inches
Seat Height 37.8 inches
Frame Twin-spar aluminum frame
Curb Weight

229 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids, and full tank of fuel)

Fuel Capacity
1.7 gallons

Other Details

Full Transistorized
Color Choices Red
Starter Push-button electric starter
Valve Train SOHC; four-valve
Price $7,999

How fast is the Honda CRF250R?

CRF250R top speed

Every dirt bike rider wants to know how fast their bike can go. It can be difficult to achieve a dirt bike’s true speed since it depends on so many variables. However, due to the powerful engine of the Honda CRF 250R, you can easily hit its top speed of  65 – 70 mph, along with a maximum power of 39 HP and 18.1 pound-feet of torque. Nevertheless, its top speed is dependent on its modification, route, and wind. Moreover, it can easily go 0 to 60 mph in 5 Seconds and 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 sec. 

CRF 250R’s Engine Dynamics

Honda CRF250R Engine

The Honda CRF 250R has a DOHC 249 cc four-stroke engine with a single cylinder. It has a 79.0 mm x 50.9 mm Bore and Stroke ratio and a 13.9:1 Compression Ratio. In addition to cooling the engine, it also has a liquid cooling system that keeps the engine temperature low.

Furthermore, it has a 44mm throttle bore programmed Fuel-Injection system (PGM-FI) that provides an accurate amount of fuel and air mixture to the engine as it requires. Lastly, it has a five-speed manual transmission powered by a 13T / 50T #520 Chain.

Aesthetics and Overall Design

Honda CRF250R

The CRF250R has a stylish design and cutting-edge technology, along with carefully balanced functionality and aesthetics in its design. This powerful engine and aerodynamic design are built to take on the most challenging terrain, enabling it to conquer motocross, extreme trails, and off-road adventures. In addition, the bodywork is incredibly engineered to ensure nimble maneuverability through aerodynamics and weight reduction. 

Suspension, Comfort & Seat Height

250R Suspension

It has a 49 mm leading-axle inverted Showa® SPG coil-spring front fork with rebound- and compression-damping adjustability along with the 12.2-inch of wheel travel, and Pro-Link Showa single rear shock with spring preload, rebound- and compression-damping adjustability along with the 12.3-inch of wheel travel.

The 2023 Honda CRF250R offers an excellent opportunity for riders who want to improve their cornering technique. It has 37.8 inches of seat height, and for best handling and results, the chassis demands the rider keep their weight forward through rough terrain despite being a front-end handling machine.

Brakes & Tires

CRF Tire

Further talking about the brakes, it has a Single 260 mm disc front brake and a Single 240 mm disc rear brake. In addition to their smooth modulation, these brakes performed well, although a lot of people reported feeling like they were dragging their rear brake around. On the other hand, the front brake has a gentle feel, and the braking increases gradually with every squeeze.

Coming on the tires, it has a Pirelli Scorpion MX32 80 / 100 – 21 front tire and a Pirelli Scorpion MX32 100 / 90 – 19 rear tire. Both of the tires are of high quality and provide excellent grip and connection of the bike with the road.

Price and Value for Money

There are two model years of the Honda CRF 250R available in brand-new condition. One is the 2024 model year with the price of $8,299, and the 2023 model year with the price of $8,199. No changes have been made to either model.

For some reason, if you are not able to buy this robust two-wheeler in brand-new condition, then it is also available in pre-loved condition with the price range of $3,800 – $7,650. It is not worth buying if you are a beginner, but if you’re an expert, you can purchase and enjoy its rides. However, the pre-loved version price is dependent on the functionality, model year, and modifications. 

Honda CRF250R vs. Competitors

There are two main competitors of the CRF 250R: the Yamaha YZ250F and the Kawasaki KX250. As compared to both of them, Honda’s CRF250R stands out due to its innovative features and precision engineering. In spite of competing with solid machines, it is notable for its superior engine, durability, responsive handling, cutting-edge technology, and heritage of excellence. 

Furthermore, it can easily beat any dirt bike on any trail or track thanks to its advanced suspension, impressive power-to-weight ratio, and user-friendly features. So, choosing CRF250R over its competitors can be a good decision.

Final Thoughts

The Honda CRF250R is a classic, powerful dirt bike with a sleek design that helps it quickly gain top speed with ease. Even though it is a bit pricey, it might be worth considering if you are an experienced rider since its suspension will absorb all bumps resulting in a smooth ride.

No matter if you’re a bike enthusiast or a professional racer, the Honda CRF250R will take you on a two-wheel adventure like no other. As a final point, it is a better option than its competitors, so you can choose and ride it to its full potential.

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