Honda CRF300L Top Speed, Specs, & Review

Honda CRF 300L

Honda is known for producing amazing machines. It has earned its name by coming up with the amazing art of engineering. One such is the Honda CRF300L model, which is a dirt bike. The new bike is an upgradation of the previous model. For example, its displacement bump was changed from 250cc to 286cc, significantly improving its performance. Moreover, its chassis, engine, and other specs also witnessed degradation.

Honda CRF300L

It would not be wrong to say the CRF300L is an upgraded version of its predecessors. Besides the engine and displacement bump, it is 11 pounds lighter than the previous model thanks to the weight loss in the lower triple clamp, swingarm, and frame. That is why it is easy to navigate and can easily touch a top speed of 80 mph. Lastly, gear ratios have also been improved, which allows an easy gear change and shift of chambers. As a result, what you get is more power, modern style, and less weight, whose name is the CRF300L model. Let’s have a detailed look at this machine.

Specs and Features of the Honda CRF300L

Following are the specs of this bike that make it an adequate and trustworthy off-road machine.

Engine Type286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Compression ratio10.7:1
Bore and stroke76mm x 63mm
Final drive520 O-ring chain


CRF300L Engine

The Honda comes with a 286cc engine with 36cc more power and capacity. As its name suggests, the Honda equalizes the power to its name. Its power comes at a smidge over 26Nm and 20Kw. To further smoothen the ride at this enormous power, it features a single-pot rear setup and a two-pot front caliper by Nisin. Moreover, the braking system is equipped with wave discs that lie in their clamping power. And the CRF300L is also an upgraded version of gearing because it comes with a six gear with a 1-5 ratio for open road driving.

Top Speed Of CRF300L

The top speed of the Honda CRF300L is 80 mph (128 kph), producing 27 horsepower. Besides that, the Honda CRF300L gives a fuel average of 35 kilometers per liter and has a fuel capacity of 71 tanks. This speed is very economical. All these things ensure the new version of CRF300L is quite powerful and comfortable to ride.

Proactive Long-Travel Suspensions

Honda CRF300L shock

An upgraded version, this bike comes with an enhanced 1/3rd of an inch shock travel and ½ inch of fork travel. In addition to new linkages to the rear shock, it now measures 10.2 inches at both ends. Despite this, the suspension is still not up to the mark because it does not focus on an entry-level dual sport. Since the riders were not satisfied with its suspensions, the new model upgraded this system. So, a better version when it comes to suspensions.

Tires and Wheels

CRF300L Tyre

The Honda comes with an IRC Foot Loose Trails GP-21 and GP-22; 80/100-21 / 120/80-18 front and rear tires, respectively. However, this pair of tires is not at par with its use. Given its use, a more dirt-oriented or steer set of tires would be a good deal. If your use is limited to streets, you should buy street-oriented ADV tires. And if you want off-road cruising, it is better to go with either Pirelli MT-21s or Dunlop D606s tires. You can choose them depending on your choice and requirement.

Lighter Clutch Pull

CRF clutch

Another upgradation in this model is its lighter clutch. This proves quite effective when you are riding in traffic or on challenging roads and terrains. Not only does it function well on the pavement, but it also does feel adequate in the dirt. This impressive improvement in the Honda bike ensures less fatigue, making a better and more comfortable ride a reality.

Reliable Brakes


Like the engine, the brakes are reliable and ensure a safe ride. Although you can expect predictable functionality from these brakes, hardcore riders may expect more. That is why they must not go with this bike. The market is replete with numerous models. The Nissin 2-piston caliper, 256mm disc, and Nissin 1-piston caliper, 220mm disc front and rear brakes come with this off-road machine. But they are unable to satisfy experienced riders.


Honda CRF300L

Although the new model is 11 pounds lighter than the previous model, it is still weighty. Being 309 pounds, it makes navigation and maneuverability somehow difficult. When it comes to weight loss, the cut came from the rear axle, swingarm, triple clamp, and frame. These tiny savings resulted in 11 pounds loss of weight.

Ground clearance11.2 inches
Seat height34.7 inches
Trail4.3 inches
Fuel capacity2.1 gallons
Wheelbase57.2 inches
Rake27.5 degree

Upgraded Gear Ratio

CRF300L gear

The new model, with an updated gear ratio version, offers a comfortable and flexible ride. Compared to the previous model, ratio gaps were widened on the top gears and squeezed for the lower cogs. Since the latter has smaller gaps, riding on the trail is quite easy and trouble-free. And the wider gaps between the top cogs satisfy riders that navigate more in streets. Lastly, hardcore bikers feel intimidated by increasing the speed of this machine. But for inexperienced riders, it remains the same. So, the change in ratio gaps further improves the performance of this off-road bike.

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Final Verdict

The Honda CRF300L is synonymous with more power, better suspension, smooth gear change, acceptable ground clearance, and reliable brakes. All these changes make this bike a good friend for new riders. However, hardcore bikers may find it insufficiently engineered in some aspects. Overall, being part of the big red lineup since 2013, this bike has changed the phenomenon of off-road bikes.

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