Honda Navi vs Grom: Unveiling the Best Mini Bike for You

Honda Navi vs Grom

The Honda Grom and Honda Navi have emerged as popular choices for urban riders and enthusiasts who seek compact and efficient two-wheeled transport. Both fall into the “minimoto” category, featuring lightweight designs, customizable features, and agility. In addition to being great options for beginners, they are also great for riders seeking an easy and economical commute. Despite their similarity, the Navi is more like a scooter, while the Grom is more like a mini sports bike.

If you want to know more about Honda Grom vs Navi, then read the full article for better understanding.

Honda Navi

Honda Navi

Honda Navi was launched in 2016, and due to its low price, easy-to-maneuver, slim design, and low maintenance, it became trendy in the USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Its small size makes it easy to maneuver through traffic, and its outstanding fuel efficiency makes it an excellent choice for daily commutes.

Honda Navi falls in the “minimoto” category, having a 109 cc four-stroke engine and an air-cooled system. Being a fully automatic bike, it is also called a semi-scooter due to its design. It has a 26.8 mm inverted telescopic front fork with 3.5 inches travel and a single rear shock with 2.8 inches travel. Similarly, the front and rear brakes are drum brakes measuring 130 mm in diameter.

Honda Grom

Honda Grom

In 2013, Honda Grom was first introduced to the market and became highly popular, especially among young riders. In addition to being known as a pocket motorcycle, it is also called a mini-motorcycle. It has a 125 cc air-cooled engine that is capable of producing 907 horsepower.

In addition to hydraulic brakes at the front and rear of the vehicle, it has an antilock brake system. This Grom bike has the typical telescopic front fork and a single shock with a swing arm for the rear side.

Due to its small size, lightweight, and affordable price, it is a good choice. Despite its short wheelbase and size, the cockpit is large enough to accommodate adults of any size. Additionally, it is fuel-efficient and easy to maneuver.

Grom & Navi Specs

SpecificationsHonda NaviHonda Grom
Engine124cc air-cooled, single-cylinder109cc air-cooled, single-cylinder
TransmissionAutomatic (V-Matic)Five-speed
Bore And Stroke55.0mm x 55.6mm50.0mm x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio9.5:110:1
Seat Height30.0 inches30.0 inches
Curb Weight234 pounds224 pounds
Fuel Capacity0.9 gallons1.6 gallons

Honda Navi vs Grom Comparison

Take a closer look at the Honda Navi vs Grom showdown below, allowing you to make an informed choice that suits your preferences and needs.

Performance Comparison

Regarding Performance, the Honda Grom has a bigger 124 cc engine, while Navi has only a 109 cc engine displacement. Grom has a top speed of 55-59 mph, although some claim it can go as fast as 70-73mph with a maximum power of 9.7 horsepower and 7.7 pound-feet of torque.

On the other hand, Honda Navi has a top speed of 55 mph (88 kph) with a maximum power of 7.83 horsepower and 6.6 pound-feet of torque. In comparison of Grom vs Navi in terms of Performance, Grom has high top speed; that’s why it is the clear winner in this matchup.

Design and Styling Differences

Ultimately, looks matter the most. There is no doubt that both Grom and Navi are sleek, attractive bikes that appeal to their respective target markets. Compared to the Grom sporty looks, the Navi has a more vintage look.

In addition, both bikes can be customized to a great extent. No matter what you want, you can get it out of the Navi or Grom.

Comfort and Riding Experience

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about comfort is the seat. Both of the bikes have comfortable seating positions. However, Navi has a 1/10-inch taller seat height, resulting in more riding pleasure than the Grom. Furthermore, the Honda Grom weighs 223 pounds, while the Honda Navi weighs 234 pounds, allowing easy handling and maneuvering.

To elaborate further, talking about their suspension, Grom and Navi are both made for urban rides with adequate suspensions that can bear jolts and bumps at low speeds but can be uncomfortable when speeding.

Features and Technology

Grom enthusiasts love its peppy fifth-gear acceleration, comfortable cruising, and Honda’s legendary reliability. New riders are attracted to its modular Performance because of its small subframe, low seat height, and thick seat padding. Further, it has easily detachable panels as well.

Grom is undisputedly the winner when it comes to vibrant colors, casual approachability, and an overall positive vibe. It offers affordable, sporty looks and extended maintenance intervals. Unlike scooters, Navi’s has side-mounted pegs instead of a step-through, making it easier for the ride to sit on. Further, the rear cargo rack and lockable storage pod enhance Navi’s utility.

Pricing and Affordability

Honda Navi is available at the price of $1,807, and Honda Grom is available in the price range of $3499 – $3,799. With Navi, you can get a good deal at an affordable price compared to the price of Grom.

In addition to cost-effective maneuverability, Grom will provide 134 mpg – 167 mpg, while Navi only does 110 mpg. Now, it’s up to you if you want an economically priced bike or cost-effective transportation.

Target Audience, Popularity, and Community

Beginners who want to learn how to ride a mini bike can benefit from both of these bikes. Because of their low cost and economy of transportation, both are equally popular.

In both cases, they’re designed for urban commuting, but in Navi’s scenario, its top speed limits its use to short distances. In contrast, Grom is capable of traveling long distances.


Although bikes do not have storage spaces, due to the rear-mounted engine in the Navi, it has ample space on the front side, which is ideal for storage. Although the space is quite small, you will take food, water, or other small stuff with you on the journey. On the other hand, Grom has no storage space. 

Which one should you choose?

In the comparison of Honda Navi vs Grom, There are two scenarios. If you want a ride with high top speed, robust style, and for long distances traveling, Grom is best. On the other hand, you might consider Navi if you want a more affordable bike for comfortable and maneuverable rides

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