Honda Pioneer 700 Most common problems

Honda Pioneer 700

Honda Pioneer 700 is a utility task vehicle that can do much work. It is mainly used in farms for hard work. Although it is a durable vehicle, there are some problems you must know before buying it. Many problems occur due to neglect of maintenance, including engine, erratic oil, or performance issues. 

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Common Troubleshooting Problems

Although the Honda pioneer 700 has many great features, in the end, it’s a technology item, so having a drawback is normal.

Here are a few common Honda Pioneer 700 problems:

  1. Transmission problem
  2. The engine does not start
  3. Restricted shifting
  4. Performance issues
  5. Erratic oil reading
  6. The differential lock
  7. Loss of power

Transmission Problem

Pioneer 700 Transmission

Gear stuck is a common problem in Pioneer 700. If your vehicle is only stuck on first gear and all the other gears are working great, it can be due to a clutch, shift fork, or shifter mechanism problem.

In most cases, it stuck on a higher gear, and it happened continuously until it warms up. To solve this problem, you may change the engine oil or housing of the unit. The worst case can be tearing your gearbox to fix the cause.

The Engine Does Not Start

Honda Pioneer 700 Engine

Starting the engine is also a common problem in the Honda pioneer 700. It may be due to a loose battery cable, a swamped engine, and a blown fuse, or the transmission is not neutral.

It can also happen when the weather is cold outside and needs to give a sufficient amount of voltage to start the engine.

To fix this problem, you may need a battery booster to plug your battery into the battery booster to charge it.

Restricted Shifting

Gear Shifting

The local shifting issue is most likely seen in Pioneer, driven over 8000 miles. They might face difficulty in shifting the third gear. It mainly happened in cold weather. 

Changing oil filters or oil will also not make a difference to this problem.

You can solve this problem by simply pre-warming the pioneer. If this is not working for your vehicle, you may have to change the angle sensor or tinker with the accelerator.

Performance Issues

Honda Pioneer 700

Performance issue ranges from misfires and chinking sound to erratic runs. If your engine starts but not running well, it may be due to the Octane rating of your gasoline, oil temperature, or sooty exhaust.

If you want to fix this issue, check if the oil needs service, inspect the fuel filter, or use the suggested fuel.

Stay calm. Contact your dealer if you have done these steps and the problem is still there.

Erratic Oil Reading

Oil Reading

As shown by its name, this error occurs using the wrong lubrication with engine oil in your Honda Pioneer 700. To avoid this problem, try to check the oil properly. 

It is suggested to use pro-Honda GN4 4-stroke oil SAE 10W-30 with an API Service Classification of SG or higher.

If you are starting a cold engine, let your pioneer idle for about three minutes, and if your engine is warm, shut it down and let it sit for a few minutes, then check its oil.

The Differential Lock

Differential lock

The differential lock for the front tires not working is the rarest problem of the Honda pioneer 700. It can be confusing because the dash light will not flash in any issue; instead of that you would most likely get an indication of your differential-lock mode and 4WD both are engaged while most of the user thinks that it’s a wiring issue.

Most of the time, doing a lot of rock crawling can be the reason for its occurrence.

Loss Of Power

Pioneer 700 Power

Power loss problems commonly happen to units with little mileage. If your machine is not upshifting when bogging down or traveling at the speed of 15 mph or more or air cleaning sucking oil or seatbelt switch engaging. 

Honda said that is a pervasive problem. You can fix this problem by taking your quad to the dealer. You can check the air filter, spark arrestor, fuel injector, and spark plugs to fix the problem.

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Honda Pioneer 700 is the best machine for farm work, and you can use it as a fun ride with the family. It gives you a satisfactory ride experience and a beneficial fuel hand.

Some of the Honda Pioneer 700 problems are loss of power, erratic oil readings, performance issues, engine not starting, or transmission issues. Most of these issues can be resolved at home. If you cannot fix it, you can get the services of a Honda dealer. They’ll guide you and fix your problem even better.


What Is The Top Speed Of Honda Pioneer 700?

The top speed of the Honda Pioneer 700 is 45 mph(72 kph). It has a  675cc liquid-cooled OHV single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 35.3 pounds per horsepower with a compression ratio of 9.2:1. Pioneer 700 top speed is 72 kph which good for utv of its size. Moreover, it can be increased by doing some engine work.

How Many Trims Does Pioneer 700 Have?

Honda Pioneer 700 has three trims; Pioneer 700, Pioneer 700 Deluxe, and Pioneer 700 forest. These trims are almost similar in specs. However, simple trim is available in black and green colors, Deluxe in red and blue, and forest in brown.

Is Honda Pioneer 700 A 4wd?

This machine includes these modes; 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD with a differential lock. So, Yes, it is a 4WD with three forward gears and a reverse. It also offers paddle shifting on deluxe and forest trims.

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