Honda Rebel 250: The Perfect Beginner Bike

Honda Rebel 250

If you want to buy a bike for inexperienced riders and a safe two-wheeler, the Honda Rebel 250 is what you should purchase. Riding is so safe that even the Motorcycle Safety Foundation uses this machine for their rider training programs. Besides that, the rider community also appreciates this prince of beginner bikes. What comes with this bike? Is it safe to ride it? What are the improvements made to the latest model? These are some of the questions we will discuss in this article.

Another important thing about this bike is its combination of tradition and modern technology. Honda keeps updating its models but also relies on some of its old specs. Regarding features, easy control, low height of seats, and simple navigation are some of the bestselling specs of the Rebel 250. The story does not end here. Let’s throw a thorough light on the 250.

Past Of The Honda Rebel 250

The Honda came into the market with the first model of the Rebel 250 in 1985 and gave it the name Peronist or CMX250. With time, it kept on upgrading its specs and introducing new technology. That is why it has been quite efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. Although all the models in this series were fuel-efficient, the 1996 model excelled over others. Its average was 62.6 miles per US gallon compared to 52.2 to 62.6 miles per gallon of other models. As it has already been said that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation used it for training programs, the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has also been using this bike as its official vehicle due to its simple controls. Let’s now analyze its specs.

Specs And Features

EngineFour-stroke, air-cooled SOHC
Bore x Stroke53.0 mm × 53.0 mm
Compression ratio9.2:1
Fuel consumption34.1 km per liter
Fuel capacity11 liters
Rear SuspensionTravel: 73.66 mm or 2.9 inches
Front SuspensionStanchions: 33 mm or 1.30 in stanchionsTravel: 116.84 mm or 4.6 inches

How Does It Look?

Looks matter a lot. This is what the manufacturers of this bike have focused upon. When you look at this machine, you get a premium feel. Here is what comes with this art of engineering.

1: Legs: Wheels

Honda rebel 250 Wheels

Since this bike was a standard for others to follow, it features standard-size tires and wheels. The rear single-piston resembles the dual-piston caliper, and the front brakes reflect the spoke pattern. Thanks to these wheels and discs, they ensure a safe and smooth ride. Therefore, it is considered one of the best safety rides.

2: Lights

Honda Rebel Light

When it comes to lights, this machine combines beauty and functionality. CMX250 has LED lights. Being the halogen type, the headlight measures a die-cast aluminum mount and a 175-millimeter lens. Moreover, signal lights and the backlight feature a bulb-type lamp. Since an emblem of continuous upgradation, this bike with low seat height now features a gear position indicator. Besides that, what it comes with includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, and digital clock. Last but not least, indicator lights measure 55 millimeters in diameter, and the backlight is oval and thin.

3: Stylish Frame


The steel frame of the Rebel 250 is what enhances its beauty and look. The frame features the classic bobber style, minimal painting, and modern lines, giving it an amazing and premium look. Nowadays, the bike comes in three colors, metallic jeans blue, armored silver, and fresco brown. You can choose what you like the most among them. As far as comfort is concerned, the balanced, neutral steering and smooth riding position due to the footpegs’ posture do an excellent job. Moreover, the unique rear loop, which bridges its thick seat and metal mudguard, also gives this bike an exceptional look.

4: How Weighty Is It?

Even with all these specs, the 250 is lightweight. The low height of the seats makes it easier for you to stay flat-foot and navigate the bike when you ride park it. That is the reason the Honda Rebel 250 is easy and smooth to ride, even for inexperienced bikers. So, the king of beginners for a reason. Its dry weight is 139 kg (306 lb), and its wet weight is 145 kg (320 lb).

What’s Inside?

The way its exteriors ensure its quality look and what comes inside also powers this machine to perform well even in challenging terrains. Here is the list of interior specs.

1: Engine

Rebel 250 Engine

The top speed of the Honda Rebel 250 is 79 mph(127 kph) which is not surprising because it comes with a 234cc four-stroke, four-valve, single-cylinder, DOHC liquid-cooled engine. Due to this, it can sustain speed with power. The focal point of its carburetors is not the high RPM performance but the torque-heavy output. Thanks to this feature, it guarantees a balanced delivery no matter what the revolution range is. As far as lubrication is concerned, it symbolizes pressure-fed droplets. Lastly, with better ignition timing, valves, and fuel injection mapping, its engine gives it enormous power to weather the test of terrain and roads. As a result, you get a speed of 79 miles per hour.

2: Transmission


Due to its six-speed transmission, the clutch lever operation of the Honda Rebel 250 is abated by 1/3rd. Moreover, the feature of the slipper clutch also makes it easier for you to change the gears smoothly. On top of that, you can speedily change gears because it uses scrubs-up gas for its catalyzer. All these features make it effortless for you the lever operation.

Price Of The Honda Rebel 250

Due to the low initial MSPR of the Honda and mass production, it is easier to hand on a bike at an affordable price and in good condition. At mid-range, it can cost you from $5500 to $5800. While buying second-hand models, it is recommended to take the necessary precautions. And for older models, it will cost around $3000 to $4000. When it comes to second-hand units, you may get a model with almost 5000 miles run because it is infrequent to use and comes with low-engine capacity.

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The Outcome

The Honda Rebel 250 combines style, functionality, modernity, and traditional specs and features. This perfect balance ensures an effortless and comfortable ride. Moreover, its easy-to-use power and navigability make it a suitable ride even for inexperienced bikers.

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