Honda TRX450R review: The Ultimate Off-Road Machine

Honda TRX450R

Being a member of the Honda SportTrax ATV series, the Honda TRX450R is quite popular in the market. Its second name is 450r. Regarding specs and features, there are similarities between this bike and its counterpart, the CRF 450R dirt bike. For example, both come with the same engine. However foolish it is to think that they are identical because the former’s engine can withstand the demands of a mightier 4-wheeler. The upgrades made include three-ring pistons, a stronger clutch pack, smaller steel valves, and enhanced oil capacity. Moreover, you can check the engine oil through a sight glass. Also, chain-slack adjustment is simple because of the swing arm’s axle adjustment.

In addition, you can also easily convert the Honda trx450r into a racer bike because its LED brake lights come off in seconds. It has also been lighter as compared to its rival by reducing weight from the rear grab bar, brake pedal, shifter, front fender stays, and front bumper. As a result, what you get is a sports class All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Let’s have a detailed look at this machine.

How Fast It Can Go: Top Speed

Although the maximum speed of the Honda 450R is 74 miles per hour in-stock conditions, it varies due to several factors. Many riders seemed satisfied with this average speed. However, you can enhance the top speed to a few miles by lowering the weight and enhancing the horsepower value. The factors that change its speed are ground surface, wind speed and direction, carb adjustment, altitude, ATV condition, rider’s weight, and many more. In short, this top speed is satisfactory as far as all-terrain vehicles are concerned.

Specs and Features of the Honda 450R

Bore and stroke96.0mm x 62.0mm
Compression ratio12.0:1
Carburetor40mm Keihin FCR carburetor
Seat height32.8 inches
Wheelbase50.2 inches
Fuel capacity2.7 gallons in addition to 0.8 gallons reserve
Ground clearance4.4 inches


TRX 450R tyres

When it comes to tires and wheels, Honda relies on Dunlop tires that sandwich aluminum wheels. This pair is significant in ensuring increased functionality and maximum grip while running. Besides that, you can easily trail ride thanks to their stock rubber. Although these legs are durable, it is recommended to be in the range of 23.44 kPa to 36.54 kPa when you inflate or air down them. And if you want to do rock-crawling applications and wooden trail rigs, you must rely on ITP Holeshot 6-ply GNCC off-Road bias Tires. You can smoothly cruise on tough and hard terrains with these tires.


hONDA trx450r ENGINE

Earlier assumptions about the engine of the 450r were wrong. Initially, it was believed that Honda 450R and CRF450R share similar engines. However, the latter proved this belief wrong. This dirt bike has a Liquid-cooled, OHC, 4-stroke, four-valve engine. In 2006, Honda brought its components to par with its motorcycle model. With this new improvement came more power output of 41 hp. Indeed, it is imperative to adjust 4*4 jetting when you ride on 1500 meters because higher velocities can alter drivability problems and enhance fuel consumption, power delivery, and engine performance. But the new engine enables you to cruise at higher altitudes with the same speed and smoothness. In short, not the engine, but the displacement is the only thing common between this model and the Honda 450r.


Honda TRX450R brakes

Brakes are vitally important in controlling any vehicle and ensuring a safe ride. And for off-road vehicles, their importance increases manifold, given the unexpected roads and terrains. To keep this in mind, Honda makes its brakes fully responsive and functional. They enable you to control the vehicle at high speed and on muddy roads. Furthermore, just like the engine, they let you stop the ATV effortlessly, thanks to its exceptional brakes.

Transmission and Clutch


Keep your hopes high about transmission because the 450r will not disappoint you. The gearbox provides effortless and manageable shifts, which lets you fully concentrate on your racing. Besides that, the clutch can withstand hardcore use during racing or cruising. Even seconds matter while racing. And you will not lose one on transmission and clutch.


Honda TRX450R Dimensions

Since the 450r combines change and tradition, dimensions significantly symbolize this aspect. In some aspects, it shares the features of previous models. And in others, it introduced improvement. For example, the Honda continues to have a similar weight capacity and width. While overall dimensions are bettered. With slightly more weight, this SporTrax machine makes the ride navigable and easy to handle.


Honda TRX450R Ignition

As it has already been said, the latest model features some unique specs, unlike previous models. Initially, bikes of this Honda family came with a kick-start and electric-start trims. Later on, the 2007 Honda TRX450R model equipped them both. However, as far as the recent machine is concerned, this togetherness ceased to exist. When it comes to battery, it lies under the left rear fender. And it is a YTZ7S, which saves your maintenance cost and gives a robust performance. Thanks to its battery, the ignition of this off-road bike will not disappoint you.


Honda Suspention

Another improved area of this ATV bike is its suspension, which makes it resistant and lighter in weight. The 450r is extremely responsive at higher altitudes and in damping response thanks to its sufficient wheel travel. More than that, it also comes with Pro-Link® w/ single Showa shock (adjustable spring preload, rebound & compression damping), 237 millimeters (9.3 inches) rear suspension, and independent double-wishbone w/ Showa shocks (adjustable spring preload, rebound & compression damping), 215 millimeters (8.5 inches) front suspension that is very handy in ensuring a comfortable ride. So, the suspension catalyzes a stable and smooth ride, even in challenging geographies.

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In short, the Honda TRX450R is a force to reckon with. Despite some minimal similarities, this vehicle differs from its rivals. The improvement it comes with is a testimony to its better performance and more power. More than that, it is also durable due to its suspension and wheelbase. The brakes are great, no matter the terrain you are racing on. They let you control the machine as you like. All these features speak volumes all-terrain vehicles must not necessarily accompany by stylish design, enjoyable rides, and costly instrumentation.

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