Jeep Build Sheet: Easy Steps To Get It Using VIN

Jeep Build Sheet

Jeep Built Sheet is an essential document for car buyers and owners to identify possible modifications before purchasing. Jeep enthusiasts highly value this document. Other terms for jeep build sheet include line tickets, broadcast sheets, production broadcasts, production manifests, or ROT sheets.  Most people use the Jeep for off-roading and other for camping. So it’s good to know what parts are in stock and what is gone through modification for a safe and secure ride.

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Jeep Build Sheet

A built sheet has detailed information about your vehicle’s options. New cars have a federally mandated-window sticker that shows all the information about Car. However, a build sheet is essential to determine the modified parts and stock parts in the old or used models that do not have a federally mandated window sticker.

How to Obtain Your Jeep Build Sheet

If you have a Jeep Patriot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Scrambler, or any model of jeep, you can get your Jeep Build Sheet online or via FCA official simply by following these few steps below.

From 1998 to the present, Jeeps

Jeep Rubicon


  • Search for the VIN converter online or visit the official Fiat Chrysler Automotive site.
  • Enter your vehicle’s VIN. 
  • Press Enter, and you will get your vehicle’s information.

Jeeps manufactured before 1998

Jeep Wrangler

You have two ways that you can use to get your Jeep’s built sheet.


As you know, there is not much online record about the Vehicles online before 1998, so you can contact the FCA official Historical Services so they can help you find your Jeep’s factory build sheet, or you can e-mail them with your request and VIN. They will respond to you and solve your information.

You can reach FCA Historical Services at the following address:

Mailing address: FCA Historical Services 12501 Chrysler Freeway

Department Code: 410-11-21 Detroit, MI 48288

Email: (Take 5-7 business days for a response.)

Fax Number: (313) 252-2928


There are not many records of vehicles manufactured before 1998 on online platforms, but you can visit the official Fiat Chrysler Automotive site and try your luck in the search bar. If you are lucky enough, you will get your Jeep’s built sheet there.

VIN Numbers for Jeeps – What Do They Mean?

The VIN number has 17 characters, and all of the characters represent a specific thing. To understand it go through the below-described points.

  • First character: It tells the Country of Origin; for instance, 1, 3, or 4 number is for the USA, 2 is for Canada, 3 is for Mexico, and for the rest of the countries, it will be the first letter of the country)
  • Second character: Alphabet of the name of the Manufacturer (F = Ford)
  • Third: Vehicle Type
  • Fourth to Eight: Jeep’s Description about 4WD, 4DR, SUV, etc.
  • Ninth: This digit is not standardized, requiring a special US DOT-developed mathematical formula.
  • Tenth: It tells the Model Year if it’s from B to Y except I, O, U, and Q: 1981 to 2000, and 1 to 9 if it’s from 2001 to 2009—lastly, A to Z for 2010 to 2030 Vehicle.
  • Eleventh: It tells in which Manufacturing Plant the Jeep is constructed.
  • Twelfth to Seventeenth: It tells the Production Sequence Number.

How to check your Jeep’s VIN

VIN number

VIN stands for the vehicle identification number. It has 17 unique characters describing different information related to its manufacturing. If you want to know your Jeep’s vehicle identification number, you can find it in the following places.

  • It’s on your insurance card.
  • You’ll find it on the inside of the driver’s door jamb.
  • You can find it on the registration card for your vehicle.
  • It can be a metal plate or sticker located on the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Importance of a Jeep build sheet

Jeep build sheet contains information about the parts used in vehicle assembly. It is important to have the jeep build sheet, especially when you have a used jeep; then it is important to know what parts are modified and what comes as standard. It really helps the rookie to get a better idea about their Jeep through this sheet.

In recent years, Jeep-specific modifications have become so rampant that even seasoned Jeep enthusiasts need help distinguishing between aftermarket and standard options. The Jeep build sheet is the best option for understanding the Jeep specifications. 

A Jeep build sheet enhances the resale value of a Jeep. With all the parts on the Jeep that came off the factory floor, buyers are confident it is genuine, which directly increases its resale value. You can think of a build sheet as a stamp of authenticity, a way to reassure buyers that they are making a wise purchase and not being conned by the slippery tongues of dealers.

You should also consider checking the Build sheet to see if it’s original or not. Due to high demand, many fraudsters sell fake sheets and demand an unbelievably high price of their jeeps. Try to take company authorized build sheet only.


The jeep build sheet is an important document you must have to know what parts are in stock and the modified ones. People want to lower the jeep, or most want to modify it for camping. So proper information about their vehicle is necessary for modification.

The first thing to get your Jeep’s built sheet is to find VIN. You can find it on the vehicle’s insurance card, registration card, dashboard, and inside the driver door jamb. And then, you can get your jeep’s built sheet online, or if your vehicle is older than 1998, you can contact Fiat Chrysler Automotive and ask them for assistance so that you will get the built sheet.

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