Jeep Trackhawk Review: Power, Precision, and Performance

Jeep TrackHawk

Jeep launched its new SUV in 2018 with the name Jeep Trackhawk to conquer open roads, off-road trails, and tracks. It is a masterpiece of automotive engineering in terms of performance, power, and accuracy. In addition to its bold exterior, it invites you to embark on an exciting journey into unknown territory to explore new places. Trackhawk is actually

If you want to know more about the Jeep Trackhawk’s top speed, specification, and review, then read the full article for a better understanding.

What Is Jeep Trackhawk?

Jeep Trackhawk

The Je­ep Grand Cherokee­ Trackhawk is the ultimate repre­sentation of a superior and high-performance­ version of its renowned counte­rpart, the Jeep Grand Che­rokee. By enhancing the already remarkable foundation of the Grand Cherokee, the Trackhawk undergoes a substantial makeove­r, particularly in terms of power and performance­. It adopts the iconic Grand Cherokee­’s base and enhances it further by integrating a formidable supercharge­d 6.2-liter V8 engine, famously known as the Hellcat engine.

How fast is the Jeep Trackhawk?

The attractiveness of the Trackhawk is primarily due to its lightning-fast speed. It is a powerhouse in its class with a top speed of 180 – 185 mph while producing a maximum power of 707 HP @ 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 645 Nm @ 4800.

Due to its razor-sharp throttle response, this sports SUV is unlike any other. It can easily go from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.7 – 3.5 seconds and 0 – 100 mph in 8.8 seconds.


Here is the specification of this beat given below.


Engine Type


Power Output 707 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Transmission 8-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Type Four wheel drive
Fuel Type Premium unleaded gasoline
Fuel System Multipoint Injection
Fuel capacity 24.6 gallons


Front Suspension
Independent front suspension with adaptive damping
Rear Suspension Multi-link rear suspension with adaptive damping
Front Tire P295/45WR20
Rear Tire P295/45WR20
Front Brakes Ventilated Discs
Rear Brakes Ventilated Discs


L x W x H
189.3 x 76.5 x 67.9 in
Turning circle 37.1 ft.
Wheelbase 114.8 in
Ground Clearance 8.1 in
Curb Weight 5,356 Lbs
Passenger volume 106 cu ft

Other Details

Top Speed
180 – 185 mph
Steering Type


Max Towing Capacity 7,200 lbs.
Total Seating 5
Price $90,070

Engine and Performance

Trackhawk engine

Jeep Trackhawk has ESD 6.2 L/376 intercooled Supercharger Premium Unleaded V-8 engine. Four-wheel drive comes standard in this model, along with the Sequential MPI fuel system and 8-speed Automatic w/OD transmission.

The amount of power and quality of performance produced by this monster is astounding. With the Trackhawk, you can cross any terrain thanks to its strength, adaptability, and towing capacity.

Here is the transmission ratio of this SUV.

Transmission Gear Ratio
First Gear Ratio (:1)4.71
Second Gear Ratio (:1)3.14
Third Gear Ratio (:1)2.11
Fourth Gear Ratio (:1)1.67
Fifth Gear Ratio (:1)1.29
Sixth Gear Ratio (:1)1
Seventh Gear Ratio (:1)0.84
Eighth Gear Ratio (:1)0.67
Reverse Ratio (:1)3.3
Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1)3.7

Design and Appearance

Jeep Trackhwak interior

The Trackhawk is not only a powerful vehicle on the road; it is also stunning when it comes to its looks. Due to its impressive combination of aggression and elegance, there is no doubt that it catches attention everywhere it travels.

Moreover, a thrilling ride is ensured by its ergonomically designed interior. Lastly, it offers a wide range of personalization choices to let individuals who strive for uniqueness make their Trackhawk personalized.

Driving Experience and Handling

Trackhawk handling

The Trackhawk exhibits its strength on the road with superb handling and stability. It maintains its balance effortlessly, even when driving down the freeways or around tight turns. Comfort is a top priority, ensuring every travel is enjoyable.

Furthermore, it is not just limited to the asphalt; it can also do well on off-road, even on rough trails. Thanks to its traction and ground clearance, you may enjoy the great outdoors with confidence.

Brakes and Suspension

Trackhawk Brakes

Despite its powerful engine, it needs a good braking system and tires to ensure a safe and secure ride. That is why it has a high-performance 4-wheel Disc braking system and specially designed 20 X 10 tires, making the Trackhawk safe and controllable. It also has ABS controls to ensure it maintains a good connection with the road.

Coming to the suspension, it has short and long-arm front suspensions and Multi-Link rear suspension that combines comfort and responsiveness to make every drive enjoyable. You can easily travel anywhere on this monster without experiencing any bumps or jolts.

Features and Technology

Trackhawk technology

When it comes to equipping the Trackhawk with cutting-edge technology, Jeep has spared no effort. The vehicle is a masterpiece of technology. From the intuitive Quadra-Trac® system that maintains optimal traction to the launch control that releases its full power, all of the features are exceptional.

Furthermore, you will get an engaging experience thanks to its SiriusXM GuardianTM connectivity and the Uconnect® infotainment system, which plays a crucial role in improving comfort and entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Jeep Trackhawk is an engineering marvel that completely transforms the concept of an SUV. Due to its breathtaking speed, unparalleled power, and abundance of features and technology, it stands out as an icon of performance and elegance. In both track and off-road conditions, the Trackhawk is a reliable partner. Even though it is a bit expensive, it is an excellent choice and one that you can enjoy.

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