Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Common Problems & Their Fixes

Kawasaki Brute Force 750

The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is a powerful quad that can handle the toughest of all-terrain. It is equipped with a fuel-injected 749cc V-twin engine that delivers tremendous power, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or tackle challenging off-road trails, this is an excellent choice. However, even with incompetent vehicles like these, there are potential challenges that riders should be aware of.

Here, we will address all possible problems in the Brute Force 750 and their solutions. If you are interested in learning more about the problems and their solutions associated with this Kawasaki quad, read the full article.

Unmasking Common Issues

Here are the common issues and their solutions that you may face in your Brute Force 750.

Engine Won’t Start

The first and most common issue that you may encounter in your Brute Force 750 is engine starting issues. Often, you may experience this issue in freezing temperatures, but it can also happen in a variety of other circumstances.

This problem usually happens due to insufficient battery power. Apart from that, a faulty ignition switch, Kawasaki ECU, or wiring system can also be a reason for this issue. It is possible to resolve this issue by replacing the defective part that is causing this issue.

Belt Slipping

In terms of performing in all terrains and hills, the Brute Force 750 is phenomenal. However, you may face issues of the belt slipping due to the mud or water adhering to the belt, causing problems.

In addition, there are a few other causes, including Uncorrected belt adjustment, the belt can’t handle the engine power, or the need to adjust a new belt frequently. To combat this issue, you must find a way to protect yourself from water as much as possible.

Dysfunctional Radiator Fan

The purpose of motors is to generate power, and power causes heat. In order to overcome the heat, it uses a fan to maintain a low temperature. So, if you are facing a heating issue in your quad, then there is a high chance that your cooling fan is not functioning correctly. In case heat damages some integral parts of the engine, for example, the coolant level, the radiator sensor, the rear buss connector, the circuit breaker, and the thermostat connection, you may need to check these parts. To resolve this issue, you must repair or replace any damaged parts caused by heat.

Failure To Switch To 4 Wheel Drive Mode

To ensure a smooth ride in any situation, you will get two driving modes in this quad: one is two-wheel drive mode, and the other one is four-wheel drive mode. Additionally, two-wheel drive mode is used to cruise around the town or city, while four-wheel drive mode is for off-road and where roads are stiff. 

Nevertheless, there have been complaints from owners of Kawasaki Brute Force 750s that they are unable to engage four-wheel drive on their vehicles. You may face this issue due to the Kawasaki ECU malfunctioning; to resolve this issue, you have to replace it. 

Disturbing noises

One of the most common issues you may face in this quad is its disturbing sound. This noise may be irritating to hear, not only for the rider but also for the surrounding people. A suspension issue can lead to this situation, which is further complicated by different reasons. One is due to unbalancing, and the other one is due to the links and arms defect. 

To resolve this issue, you may replace the defective part, or if it is due to an imbalance, then a professional will need to calibrate it. Lastly, you may face this issue due to the bent or damaged frame; if that’s the case with your Kawasaki Brute Force 750, then you’ll have to replace the frame.

Pros and Cons Analysis

Here are the pros and cons of this quad given below.



Peer Perspectives: Customer Reviews

Here are some of the customer reviews of the Brute Force 750 given below.

  • Aus_Survey reviewed:
    Overall I would suggest this for anyones farm bike, its fast powerfull and has very good control. Get the tray on the back if your going to use it for work, or just leave it out if its personal. I even got a tow ball so you can’t go wrong
    POWERFULL, because its a 750 and the fact its injected like most other ones these days is a great pro . ITS 4 X 4 , I’ve never been bogged yet and there isnt anything thats stopping me. Great colors and designs. Its got head lights :p 3 gear. but nothing else so far
  • Smokin_6.0 reviewed
    so what if the 4×4 isnt working correctly. I understand it as he starts the quad and it works(going in and out of 4×4 and showing correctly on the display) after 5 minutes of riding it starts blinking and then it will not go into 4×4. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM……..
  • Cluby reviewed
    I like the power and ride but, 4×4 takes too long to engage, and doesn’t take much to bend the frame (front top A arm mounts). I work at a deal and have replaced one frame and hade 2 other people straighten theres. My vote is either a 800 can am or a 660/700 grizzly.


The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is an excellent quad that can be a reasonable consideration for those looking to cruise simultaneously in the city and off-road. Although it is a suitable option to consider, there are some common problems you may face in this quad, including belt slipping, disturbing sound, the engine won’t start, a dysfunctional Radiator Fan, and failure to switch to four-wheel drive. However, all of these problems are not lethal and can be easily fixed by replacing the defective part.

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