Kawasaki KLX 140 Top Speed: How Fast Can It Go?

Kawasaki KLX 140

Kawasaki KLX 140 was launched in 2008. It was made for a fun ride and was the first Japanese bike with a rear disc brake. It has a lightweight frame and top-shelf components that make it reliable and durable. Long story short, it has all the features that make you a confident rider. It competes with the Yamaha TTR 125, a beginner bike with almost the same specifications.

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What is Kawasaki KLX 140?

Kawasaki KLX 140

Kawasaki KLX 140 is a dirt bike with a 144 cc four-stroke engine with an air-cooled system. It has a telescopic fork and a 5-way preloaded single shock, ensuring a calm ride. The front and rear wheels have single-petal discs.

It comes in three different models KLX 140R, KLX 140R L, and KLX 140R F. All three have almost the same specification except for wheelbase, ground clearance, and tire size.

What is the Top Speed of KLX 140?

Klx 140

All three variants of the KLX 140’s top speed is 50 mph, and it can produce nine horsepower at 8000 RPM. People claim that their KLX 140 can go even 60 mph which is the maximum speed for most 150cc dirt bikes. Although it does not mean to be ridden at high speed, if you are a beginner, it is a good choice for you.


KawasakiKLX 140RKLX 140R LKLX 140R F
Engine4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled
Seat Hieght30.7 in31.5 in33.9 in
Weight205 lb209.4 lb218.2 lb
Bore x Stroke58.0 x 54.4mm58.0 x 54.4mm58.0 x 54.4mm
Compression Ratio9.5:19.5:19.5:1
Wheelbase49.6 in50.6 in52.4 in


KLX 140 engine

It has a SOHC 144 cc engine with four strokes. The engine is also equipped with an air-cooled system. Its bore and stroke ratio is 58.0 x 54.4mm, and its compression ratio is 9.5:1. 

The engine has a five-speed transmission, a wet multi-disc manual clutch, and a digital DC – CDI ignition.

Suspension and Handling

KLX 140 suspension

It has a 33mm telescopic fork front Suspension with 7.1 inches of wheel travel. The rear side has a single shock with 5-way preload adjustability and a Travel Uni-Trak® linkage system with 7.1 inches of wheel travel. All three versions have the same fork and shock, but the large wheel variant’s fork has 7.5 inches of travel, and its shock has 7.9 inches of travel. 

This bike is not made for fast rides; that is the reason it does not have premium suspensions. However, these given suspensions are also sufficient for beginners. And due to its lightweight, its handling is also quite good. 

Tires and Brakes

Kawasaki KLX 140 Brake

KLX 140’s base variant has a front tire size of 70/100-17 and a rear tire size of 90/100-14. On the other hand, its large wheel variant has a 70/a 100-19 front tire and a 90/100-16 rear tire. Lastly F variant has a 2.75×21 front tire and a 4.10×18 rear tire.

It has an adequate braking system, including a single 220 mm petal disc with a dual-piston caliper for the front wheel and a single 186 mm petal disc with a single-piston caliper for the rear side. These brakes are enough for beginners.

Seat Height & Reliability

Kawasaki KLX 140 Seat

The base variant has a seat height of 30.7 inches, a wheelbase of 49.6 in, and a ground clearance of 9.3 inches. On the other hand, its large wheelbase variant has 31.5 inches of seat height; along with that, it has a wheelbase of 50.6 inches and a ground clearance of 10.0 inches. Lastly, its F models have a seat height of 33.9 inches, a ground clearance of 12.4 inches, and a wheelbase of 52.4 inches. Due to increased seat height and wheelbase, KLX 140R L has more stability and can be a good choice for a beginner ride.


KLX 140 Frame

It is a 150 cc dirt bike with a total weight of 205 lb / 93 kg. Its lightweight is a perk for the riders, as it is easy to handle, and they can take it anywhere on the back of their truck.


KLX 140 is a good dirt bike that comes with an electric start option. It is a bike for fun rides and is meant to be driven slowly, so if you are buying this machine for your drag races and trails, it is not for you, although the Kawasaki KX 100 can be a good option for that purpose. 

 Due to its lightweight, adequate power, and good handling, it is a perfect bike for beginners to start their dirt bike journey.


Some frequently asked questions and their answers are as follow:

Is KLX 140 A Beginner Bike?

Yes, KLX 140 is a beginner bike. The two main reasons for considering it a beginner bike are its small height and low engine power. If a beginner wants to learn dirt bike riding or a fun ride or play bike, he can choose this bike and enjoy its ride. It can easily start and has fine suspension so that the rider will get a smooth ride.

How Much Does A KLX 140 Cost? 

Kawasaki KLX 140 has three variants, so KLX®140R is available for $3,449, KLX®140R L is available for $3,749, and lastly, its full-size wheel variant KLX®140R F is available in KLX®140R F. All of the variants are available in economical price so you can choose any of them according to your need and want.

Is KLX 140 Good For Adults?

Yes, KLX 140 is a good bike for adults. It has a low seat height, so adults and kids can easily ride this bike and enjoy the off-road and trail experience. 

Is KLX 140 Street Legal?

No, it is not a legal road bike, and you can’t take it to the streets or highways.

How Many Gears Does KLX 140 Have?

The KLX 140 has five gear manual transmission.

Does KLX 140 Have A kick Start?

No, KLX 140 does not have a kickstart option, but an electric start option is given for the rider’s convenience.

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