KTM 200 Duke Top Speed, Acceleration, Price

KTM Duke

Small bikes are always fun, especially on the streets, as you can efficiently and timely go to your destination without any thought of traffic jams. And for now, we are also discussing a pint-sized bike that was introduced in 2012. It is one of the most famous bikes of KTM Sport Motorcycle AG.

If you want to know more about the KTM Duke Top Speed, specifications, and price, then read the full article.

What is KTM 200 Duke?

KTM Duke Top Speed

KTM Duke is an entry-level or fun ride bike with a 199.5 cc engine that has six-speed gear transmission and fuel injection system as well as digital ignition. You will also get 43 mm WP APEX USD front forks and WP APEX rear mono-shock suspension in it. 

Along with the adequate suspension, it has disc brakes for both front and rear wheels with 17 inches tires. Furthermore, its 805 mm seat height is also enough for an average-height rider to easily ride on it. Lastly, 140 mm ground clearance also plays a vital role in providing a smooth and calm ride.

Top Speed of KTM 200 Duke

It is not made for performance, so KTM 200 Duke Top Speed ranges from 130 – 140 km depending on the road situation, wind, and bike condition. Its engine gives a decent push to the bike and is capable of producing maximum power of 25 HP @ 10000 rpm and maximum torque of 19.2 Nm @ 8000 rpm.

As you know, it does not have a big engine that produces massive power, but still, it can go 0 – to 60 kmph in just 3.2 seconds and 0 to 100 kmph in 8.7 – 9.2 seconds.


Here are Some of the specifications of this bike given below.

Engine typeDOHC 1-cylinder 4-stroke, 4 Valves engine, water-cooled
Displacement199.5 cc
Bore x Stroke 72 mm x 49 mm
Compression Ratio11.3:1
Transmission6-gear transmission, claw shifted
Fuel SupplyFuel Injection
ClutchWet Multi-Disc
IgnitionDigital Ignition
ABSDual Channel
Front SuspensionWP APEX USD forks, 43mm diameter
Rear SuspensionWP APEX Monoshock, 10 step adjustable
Front brake300 mm Disc brake with the 4-piston brake caliper
Rear brake230 Disc brake with single-pot brake caliper, floating
Front Tire110 / 70 – R17
Rear Tire150 / 60 – R17
Steering Head Angle65°
Seat height805 mm / 31.6 inches
Wheelbase1,367 mm ± 15 mm (53.82 ± 0.59 in)
Ground Clearance140 mm / 5.5 inches
Dry Weight132 kg / 330 lbs.


KTM Duke 200 has a DOHC 199.5 cc four-stroke engine with four valves. Its small-sized engine also has a water cooling system to make the engine temperature as low as possible to prevent overheating. This bike comes with a 72 mm x 49 mm bore and stroke ratio and an 11.3:1 compression ratio.

Moreover, its engine is also equipped with a fuel injection system that provides air and fuel mixture to the engine and digital ignition that delivers a spark to start the engine operation.

Transmission & suspension

It has six gear transmission along with a wet multi-disc clutch. Its claw shifter makes the gear shifting smoother, which is convenient for the rider. After an update, this bike is now available with the BS6 engine, which comes with an extra catalytic converter that works to reduce the engine sound. The catalytic converter also helps to reduce the pollution.

Moreover, Suspensions are used to give the rider a smooth and comfortable ride by absorbing all the bumps on the road. And this task is totally fulfilled with 43 mm WP APEX USD front forks and WP APEX rear mono-shock with the flexibility of 10-step adjustability.

Brakes & Tires

This bike’s stopping power is derived from the 300 mm Disc brake with the 4-piston brake caliper for the front wheel and the 230 mm Disc brake with a single-pot brake caliper for the rear wheel. Although the brakes initially apply softly, but they are powerful enough to slow the 330-pound Duke quickly. It also provides enough feel to allow the rider to reduce speed if necessary without sacrificing momentum.

Coming to the tires, it has a 110 / 70 – R17 tire for the front and a 150 / 60 – R17 tire for the rear wheel. Both tires are tubeless and will provide a good grip on the road. ABS option is also available in this bike, so it will lock the wheel and prevent skidding.

Mileage & Fuel Consumption

Mileage & fuel consumption is the most crucial factor for a daily used bike, and it must be good to become a worthy commuting bike. With its 199.5 cc engine, this bike will give you an average of 32 kmpl – 35 kmpl. And it has a 13.4-liter fuel tank, so you can easily travel 428 km to 469 km in one fuel tank on this bike. The fuel consumption rate of this bike is impressive and will not break the bank.

Buying Guide & Price

It is a lightweight bike with many features, along with its availability at an economical price. You will get this bike in brand-new condition for just $4,199, and if you want to buy a used model of it, then it will cost you from $2,000 to $4,000. The used model price is dependent on many factors, including condition, model year, and customization. 

Overall it is a good bike for commuting, so if you want a 200 cc bike, this less maintenance bike can be a good choice for you.

Final Thoughts

Duke 200 is a lightweight bike with a lot of features, for instance, an Odometer, Speedometer, Digital Fuel Gauge, Stand Alarm, Tachometer, and Trip meters. Its lightweight is a park for the ride, making it easy to handle even when cornering in speed. You can also use this bike off-road, but I suggest the Yamaha Raptor 700 Top Speed is 70 – 75 mph, and it will be a reasonable consideration for the off-road.

It has good fuel economy and comes with an adequate braking system as well as decent suspensions. If you want to buy an economical bike that you can use for commuting and as a fun ride, then there is nothing better than the KTM 200 Duke.


Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers are given below.

Can a KTM Duke 200 go on the freeway?

KTM Duke 200 is a fuel-efficient, lightweight bike with enough speed to go on the freeway. 

Is KTM Duke 200 good for long rides?

Its riding angle and comparatively low speed than other long-route bikes make it uncomfortable for long routes.

What is the average of Duke 200 on the road?

The fuel average of the Duke 200 is 32 – 35 kmpl, and it has a 13.4-liter big fuel tank, so you can easily go more than 428 – 469 km in one fuel tank.

Does KTM Duke 200 have a kickstart?

No, KTM Duke does not have Kickstarter, so you only have to use an electric starter to start the engine operation.

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