Oreion Reeper: 7 Common Problems You Could Face

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Oreion Motors are one of the most popular manufacturers of ATVs, Quads, and UTVs. If you are looking to have a Quad vehicle for yourself, then they are the best one in the market. But before investing in their vehicles, you must be aware of the 7 Oreion Reeper Problems.

In this article, I will cover every aspect you should consider before buying one. So let’s get started. Shall we?

7 Common troubleshooting problems of Oreion Reeper:

Oreion Reeper

In spite of the fact that Oreion Reepers have the best ATVs out there, there are some drawbacks. And our team of professionals has compiled and tested them out. Here are the ones that you should know.

1. Firing up the vehicle:

It might sound scarier, but we only meant that you might face an issue with your ATV, Quads, and UTV not starting up. It’s one of the primary problems that almost every user faces once in their lifetime. And believe me when I say, “it’s the most frustrating one too.”

Why this problem Occurs?

Two factors are behind this: the engine getting cold and a low battery.

As we are aware of the fact, these ATVs are electric ones. And if they are low on battery, you must charge them again. And if that doesn’t fix your problem, then the only possible way to get your vehicle started is to boost its engine, as it might be cold.

So how will you make your engine warm if it does not start? 

To fix this up, you will need another vehicle with some power and a pair of jumper wires. Connect jumper wires to the battery of your Oreion Reepers ATV and try starting the engine. And it will give a kick-start to your vehicle. And voila, your vehicle would be ready to go.

2. Engines with weak power:

ATV Reeper series of motors from Oreion are designed for low-speed operation. So you might face your engine getting turned off randomly when you speed up. And if you see this often happening, even when driving it at a lower speed, it is highly recommended to see a mechanic immediately.

3. Oreion Reeper spare parts, hard to find:

This might surprise you, but finding spare parts for these vehicles is hectic. Even though Oreion Motors mainly manufactures in the USA, it is hard to find spare parts. Many users have complained about this that they needed help finding the exact spare part that they wanted for upgradation or to replace.

4. Delay in after-services:

Besides the fact that it’s hard to find spare parts, the second most frustrating thing about Oreion Motor is that they don’t have proper Customer Service for their clients. According to research, many have submitted a complaint about not getting a response from customer support, which is a major drawback for them.
So if you are planning to get a Reeper ATV from them, keep in mind that you may find these Oreion Reeper Problems.

5. Poor stability:

Reeper ATV might look like the ATV we see on TV series, but it does not function as one.

Reepers are designed for smooth tracks, and if you use them as a regular ATV on the off-road track, you will experience turbulence in their stability as it will start to shake, and you might face a severe accident. So, these Reepers are only good when riding them on a smooth track, not on-off-road track. 

6. Red Reflectors, a Faulty Seatbelt, & a Missing Speed Limiter are included in the recall

According to our research, there are almost 586 customers that have called for a refund on them for various issues they have found in their Oreion Reeper ATV. Some of them are below:

· Red Reflectors:

Many have found their red reflector not working properly upon receiving their vehicles, for which they have demanded a refund.

· Faulty Seatbelt:

Many have faced an issue regarding faulty seatbelts, and no one like to compromise on their safety, for which around 109 customers have filed a petition for a refund.

7. Reeper or More Like a Reaper?

The name of this ATV (Reeper) gives creep to many customers as it sounds like Reaper, as in Grim The Reaper. So many are uncomfortable because of this name. And if you speed up Reeper a little bit, you might meet the actual (Reaper) one.

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Oreion Motors, located in Mexico and majorly working in some of the states of the USA, has one of the best ATVs, Quads, and UTVs. And if you are considering buying one, then consider these Oreion Reeper problems that you might find later after getting one. So think twice before investing.

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