Pennzoil Platinum VS Ultra Platinum: Complete Overview & Difference

Want to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly? Use the correct motor oil that is compatible with your vehicle. Most professionals recommend synthetic oil because it contains fewer impurities and can sustain hard temperatures as compared to regular oil. Pennzoil is one of the best brands that produce promising high-quality oil for your vehicles. Not only do they promise protection for your car but also maximum performance. And an option is available for you to choose between Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum fully synthetic motor oils. This is the subject of this article. Here we will tell you about both these types of oils, their pros and cons, and what makes one different from the other. Let’s begin.

Penetrating Glance at Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzopil Platinum

Pennzoil platinum 5W-30 motor oil is a completely synthetic oil. The revolutionary Pure Plus Technology is used to make it. Due to this technology, Pennzoil produces purely synthetic oil with few impurities by converting gas to base oils. Moreover, not only does it provide ultimate protection to the engine, but it can also withstand harsh environmental conditions. Reducing the temperature also prevents overheating of the engine.

Besides that, it ensures faster oil flow even at low temperatures, unlike regular motor oil. So, it is perfect in all weather conditions. Since it contains few impurities, it keeps the piston clean as compared to other oils. Further, it produces few pollutants during the combustion process. And a clean piston helps the engine perform in its perfect condition. Dual benefits of this oil are that it ensures the protection of the engine along with achieving maximum performance simultaneously.

What is more, this type of synthetic oil formulation makes sure your engine’s wear is protected from longevity and friction. Due to this, you can drive up to 550 miles extra annually with Pennzoil Platinum synthetic motor oil.

What We Like

Before coming to the comparative analysis of both Platinum and Ultra Platinum, one must first have a look at their pros and cons. This is what we are going to discuss in this section. When it comes to Platinum vs. high mileage, the former is a high performer. By guaranteeing minimum wear and tear, it improves the mileage of your vehicle. More than that, this synthetic liquid maintains your engine’s torque and horsepower.

Also, you will have a smooth driving experience because it keeps the pistons 40% cleaner. Because it is purer, it reduces friction between different moving parts of the engine, in addition to increasing its performance as a lubricant. Last but not least, this oil also reduces engine noises and ensures better fuel economy. It is equally efficient for all environmental conditions.

What We Don’t Like

Despite having multiple positive points, Pennzoil Platinum comes with some irritants. To begin, its disposal is really an issue because it is harmful to the environment. That is why its proper disposal is extremely important. Along with that, its incompatibility with some vehicles annoys users, though this issue is not that prevalent.

Thorough Overview of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil Ultra-Platinum fully synthetic 0W-40 motor oil is one of the best oils that you can feed to your car engine. To produce it, natural gas, not crude oil, is used. That is the reason it has almost no impurities. Being a carbon-neutral motor oil, it offsets CO2 lifecycle emissions. Therefore, it produces almost no contaminants such as carbon particles, soot, and nitric acid during combustion. Due to this, the burn cleaner slowly thickens and what you get is a 65% cleaner piston.

Pennzoil ultra platinum

This oil aims at providing excellent engine performance regardless of road situations. Also, it outperforms the manufacturer’s requirements when it comes to cleanliness and protection. When you first use the Ultra Platinum oils, you feel how smoothly the engine starts and performs.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all vehicles, such as sports cars, trucks, and SUVs. And you don’t need to switch oils from vehicle to vehicle in a bid to find a compatible engine oil. On top of that, being suitable for all weather conditions makes your deal perfect. The Ultra Platinum ensures the engine runs and lubricates smoothly in all weather conditions.

The story does not end here because it also protects the engine from power loss along with maintaining the torque power. Lastly, it provides 550 miles of extra mileage per year as compared to regular motor oil.

What We Like

Ultra Platinum oils have plenty of advantages. What tops is that this powerful utility is suitable for luxury and sports vehicles. Moreover, it helps maintain the torque and horsepower of the engine. The clean pistons manifest this oil does an excellent job when it comes to preventing its wear and tear, ensuring engine maintenance, and retaining its cleanliness. In changing temperatures, it maintains its viscosity even in cold climates. Other pros include versatility and fuel economy when you use it with different vehicle models.

What We Don’t Like

Like Pennzoil Platinum, Ultra Platinum is also harmful to nature. So, its disposal is necessary. A used oil incineration facility is an excellent way of disposing of used oil.

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Difference Between Platinum and Ultra Platinum Oil

Though both are excellent types of oils, there is a differences between them in compatibility, properties, and cleaning standards. Let’s have a look at them.

Difference of Viscosity

Pennzoil Platinum comes in seven varieties based on its viscosity. Look at the table below.

Pennzoil Platinum10W60, 10W30, 5W40, 5W30, 5W20, 0W20, and 0W16
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum10W30, 5W30, 5W20, 0W40, and 0W20

The difference in Piston Cleanliness

When it comes to piston cleanliness, Ultra Platinum oils outcompete Platinum Motor oil. The latter keeps the pistons of your car cleaner than regular oils. On the other hand, Ultra Platinum ensures more cleanliness as compared to the former, thanks to its additional detergents. Well, Ultra is what its name says.

Pennzoil Platinum40-45%
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum60%

Difference of Compatibility

Another area where both these types differ is compatibility with different vehicles. Before using them, you must check whether they are compatible with your car. For Ultra Platinum, you need not worry about it because it is perfect for every vehicle, be it sports cars, luxury vehicles, or SUVs. However, that is not the case with Platinum oil which may not be equally compatible with different vehicles.

Pennzoil PlatinumRegular car engines
Pennzoil Ultra PlatinumSports cars, SUVs, heavy engines

The difference in Wear Protection

As compared to Pennzoil Platinum, Ultra Platinum comes with more anti-wear additives. Both molybdenum and zinc are anti-wear additives in motor oils. The former helps reduce the spalling and deformation of the coating under high temperatures. On the other hand, the latter forms a coating on top of the parts of the engine that are under pressure.

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