Disclosing the Meaning of Jeep Cherokee Service shifter light On

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Finding your Jeep Cherokee service shifter light on can never be good news for your vehicles. You may wonder why. That is what this article is all about. The main culprits of this irritation can either be a faulty shifter or a defective wire. In addition to why another important question is what it means to have your service shifter light on.

Simply put, your car is telling you the former needs a visit to the mechanic. No doubt, it is the best thing to do. But you may be in the middle of the highway and wonder if you could drive your car home. And what is the worst-case scenario when the light is on? Give a complete read to this article if you want to know in detail about the light shifter on the Jeep Cherokee.

Meaning of Service Shifter Light On

Jeep Cherokee Service Lifter Light On

You must visit a servicing mechanic when your car displays the light on. He will first examine whether the necessary fuses need replacement. Moreover, he will make sure if the car’s software needs any updates. Finally, he will have a look to ensure that the entire shifter needs replacement. Therefore, experiencing a warning from the light on in not-so-good surrounding may make you reluctant to continue your ride.

Generally, it means a simple repair task at the Jeep dealership. And you can continue your ride. But if you own a 2014-15 version Jeep Cherokee KL, think twice about continuing the ride. You must not drive your car unless you get it repaired by an experienced mechanic. And if you are unsure about the car model and year while driving, it is better to visit a mechanic to check possible problems with the shifter. And if the shifter light becomes more of a nuisance, you should first diagnose the problem and let the mechanic find a solution to this operational error in the shifter.

Whether It is Safe to Drive with the Service Shifter Light On

Those who travel a lot in this Jeep, being stranded on the roadside and displaying the shifter light on, pose the question of whether it is safe to drive the car with the warning coming. You may wonder by sitting on the roadside. Several questions may arise in your mind. Should you consider calling a tow truck? Is it worth the cost? Can you drive the car home or to the mechanic? Let’s answer these confusing questions.

Mostly, you can safely drive your Jeep Cherokee even with the service light on. Even if the main offender is faulty wiring, it is still safe to ride the car if you don’t see any other symptoms.

Even if it is a result of a faulty wire or a system need for a security software update, it is still safe for you to keep driving your car with the shifter light still on if you do not see any other persistent car issue symptoms. The warning does not indicate the need for a tow. The 2015 models of Jeep Cherokee are an exception to this, as mentioned above. You should visit the mechanic as soon as possible. Don’t travel out of the town unless it is repaired. Even after getting it repaired, the shifter light may still be on, which is a unique problem for the Jeep Cherokee. However, you can be certain to drive safely now.

Cost of Replacing the Jeep Cherokee Shifter

The cost can vary for servicing and replacing the Jeep’s shifter light. On average, it is between $400 and $1000, including the necessary labor cost.

How do you Turn off the Light?

Even after taking the vehicle to the mechanic, the light can still be persistent and on for apparently no reason. As a quick solution, some people turn off the warning once they are sure there is no reason for this annoyance. You can also turn the shifter light off by following these steps:

  • Turn off the car and then restart
  • Change the oil, which can also turn the shifter light off.
  • Unplug the battery for not less than 10 minutes, and then plug it back in.

These steps can help you get rid of the warning light of your Jeep Cherokee.

Does the Service Shifter Come under the Warranty of Jeep Cherokee?

In some cases, professional mechanics and dealers do not consider that the problem is covered under warranty. So, you are most likely to bear the cost of all the repairs. In either case, you can schedule a visit to the dealership and let them diagnose your car’s problem. Not only can they help you determine the necessary replacement, but they also assess the validity of your warranty, such as a 100000-miles warranty depending on the model year or a Powertrain warranty that remains applicable for five years.

Concluding Remarks

In short, the shifter light is a unique feature of the Jeep Cherokee. A bad shifter or a faulty wiring system can cause this warning light. Furthermore, there can be no cause for these warnings. Mostly it is safe to continue your drive after these lights. But the 2014 and 2015 models are an exception. If you have one, don’t drive after this light shows; take it to the closest dealer or mechanic to change the faulty parts. Besides these models, you can drive the car to the mechanic and let him diagnose the problem.

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