Suzuki DR650 Review [Top Speed, Specs, & Features]

At the end of the 1990s, the DR650 was launched as a dual-sport motorcycle with a 644 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Suzuki Motor Corporation manufactures the bike as part of their Enduro line of off-road bikes. With DR, the engine is described as Dirt/Road, and with 650, it is described as having a 650cc displacement. 

It is no secret that Suzuki designed the DR650 to be the most rounded of the big singles on the market, and they hit that mark right on the money. Its progressive suspension and light handling make it a fun bike to ride in the twisties, and its relatively powerful engine makes cruising on the interstate at 80 mph a breeze.

Suzuki DR650

There is no doubt that the Suzuki DR650 is the most versatile vehicle on the market. It’s useful for many situations, whether you’re an off-road biker or a regular car driver. DR650 is your closest friend whether you’re jogging through the bush or on the freeway.

The DR650 is a dual-sport bike powered by a 644 cc (39.3 cu in) single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Suzuki Motor Corporation produced the bike as part of their Enduro range of dirt bikes. The DR designates a dirt/road-capable vehicle, while the 650 refers to the engine’s cubic capacity.

The technical details of the DR650 have been laid down here for anybody interested in learning more about it.

The Off-Road Capability of the Suzuki DR650 Is Top-Notch

For all its off-road prowess, the DR650 is, at heart, simply a big old dirt bike. It has a high ride height, sufficient power for challenging trails, and a simple and consistent clutch regardless of the surface.

Suzuki DR650 is also an excellent choice for low-budget off-road construction, whether you’re headed for the broad desert or the narrow singletrack of a forested area. To take on any terrain, all she needs is a few upgrades. Such as new fork internals, a larger gas tank, beefier knobbies, a stronger handlebar, and a robust skid plate to protect the undercarriage.

DR650 specs

The DR650 is now known as the DR650S due to its extensive upgrades over the original DR650. As a result of its cutting-edge components, this vehicle provides an exceptional level of speed and performance throughout its entire driving range. 

Here you can find up-to-date specifications and features about the bike! 



Compared to a sliding mesh gearbox, the vibration and noise levels are much reduced with Suzuki’s 5-speed constant mesh gearbox. Wet clutches, where oil flows between many plates, reduce friction and increase surface area. Drive chain DID525V9 with 110 links is ideal for Suzuki DR650’s off-road needs.

In what way is the new Engine DR650s better than the old one?

DR650 Engine

In the previous model, we have seen that the engine had two strokes of the single air cylinder, but with DR650s, things are changed, as Suzuki has added a 644cc 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine. How does it impact its performance? The piston’s temperature is managed by a piston-jet cooler and an engine oil cooler in the cylinder, guaranteeing reliable performance.

The bore of the DR650s measures 100.0 mm, and the stroke is 82.0 mm. 9.5:1 is its compression ratio. A single 40mm carburettor and an electronic starter are included.


Suzuki DR650 ignition

An essential feature of the DR650 is the Capacitor Discharge Ignition system. To initiate the combustion process, electrical charges are stored in a capacitor, which is discharged by a coil to generate a spark, which ignites the mixture of fuel and air.

Moreover, a simple push of a button initiates an electronic start that delivers full torque immediately.


280 mm disk brake

Although the brakes of this bike are simple, they perform exceptionally well. They provide plenty of power on the front disc but are more predictable on the back. They also have a good feel and power, like the bike’s other components. A single 280 mm disk brake does the trick to stop the light bike.

Additionally, the front brake uses a floating rotor, while the rear brake uses a single rotor. As a result of the front brakes’ floating rotors, temperatures are kept low, and friction is increased. In addition, it is accessible to interchange brakes.


Suzuki DR650 tires

Regarding the front tire, the DR650 comes with an M/C 54S tire which is 90/90-21 M/C 54S. Furthermore, 120/90-17 M/C 64S tires are mounted on the rear axle.

Tube tires are ideal for daily use since they are puncture-proof and have low pressure, making them ideal for everyday use. In addition, they ensure the driver’s safety and enhance the vehicle’s efficiency.


In terms of length, the DR650 has a total length of 2255mm and a width of 865mm. There has a 1490mm height and an 1195mm wheelbase. With a height of only 885 mm, getting to the driver’s seat is a breeze. An optional 845 mm (33.2 in) drop kit is available for the DR650. Weight at Grave is 166 kg.


DR650 suspension

Many variables can affect adventure riding, including where you go, how much you carry, or even how you like to ride. Everyone modifies their suspension, regardless of whether they are buying a bike that they can ride for six days.

Each front and rear suspension has both coil springs and oil damping to fulfill a dual purpose. First and foremost, it aids in improving the ability to control the vehicle and stop it more quickly. In addition, the system keeps everyone safe at all times.

Furthermore, the best part of the Suzuki DR650 is that it offers so much choice in products, from mild to wild, plus there is plenty of leftover cash to go on holiday with, so you can still enjoy your holiday after the purchase.


It is incredibly comfortable to ride on the DR650, even if you are one of the tallest riders ever. Furthermore, making the footrests aluminium is applicable. Plus, a dead handle makes it convenient to transport people.

It has a lightweight and compact semi-double-cradle steel structure. As a result, the engine is well-supported when handling both on-road and off-road manoeuvrability. Moreover, these wheels offer superior longevity and strength with aluminium rims and stainless steel spokes.

Top Speed of the Suzuki DR650

The maximum speed of the Suzuki DR650 is 100 mph, although 120 mph is listed as its peak speed. Gearing, carburetion, height, and lunar position are only a few variables that affect top speed. In addition, while travelling on a dirt road, the average speed might decrease to about 85 MPH.

The DR650’s strength is that it can reliably keep at a highway speed of between 75 and 80 miles per hour. The cyclist may feel uneasy travelling faster, over 80 or 85 mph. The DR650’s range is sufficient for the typical motorcyclist, especially considering the bike’s dual-sport nature.

Good Enough to Show Off on the Street (With A Little Work)

With the DR650, Suzuki aimed to create the most “balanced” of the market’s big singles, and they succeeded. The DR’s progressive suspension and light handling make it a joy to ride through the twisties on the highway, and the bike’s moderately strong engine makes doing 80 mph down the interstate a breeze.

Again, we’re not talking about anything pricey here, but I suggest adding a few aftermarket parts to fine-tune your DR for long-range comfort. Seat Concepts, Corbin, or Sargent, recommend replacing the standard DR seat with an aftermarket seat since it is manufactured from pressure-treated wood.

The same fork improvements that make a DR a great off-roader also make it a more proficient street bike (straight rate springs are a requirement), and a windshield of some type mitigates most of the discomfort of long miles at speed. That’s all she needs, but you may want to install whichever “old school” cruise control you want.

Extremely Low-Priced

Today, if you went to a dealership and purchased a brand new Suzuki DR650 for 2022, you might expect to pay about $7,000. Thus, you can reduce that sum by half if you’re ready to buy secondhand. Also, for about $7000, you may have a bike that never needs repairs and can go everywhere you want. So, all parties benefit, and there is plenty of room in the budget for personalization.

A motorbike’s maintenance costs may add up to as much as the bike itself, as any owner of an Italian motorcycle will attest. Additionally, the DR650 excels in this respect.

The DR650 is very low-maintenance, yet the maintenance it does need is so elementary that almost anybody can do it. It takes no more than 30 minutes to perform anything on one of these motorcycles, including adjusting the valves. Also, find me anything with fuel injection that can compete with that. Every consumable, from brake pads to light bulbs, is conveniently located, and even oil changes are simplified.

These days, manufacturers have stopped producing items with the same quality as the DR. Let’s toast Suzuki for keeping the venerable ship afloat for another three decades!

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From the above discussion, you may have come to know the specifications of the Suzuki DR650, including brakes, tires, suspension, dimensions, etc.! The most important thing you need to know about the Suzuki DR650 model is that it has now been replaced with the Suzuki DR650S, which is currently the number one model on the user’s list. You can check our blog session to learn about this model (Suzuki DR650S)! 

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