Top 9 ATV Trails in Ohio

ATV Trails in Ohio

There is no better destination for muddy trails, hills, and lakes than Ohio, the Buckeye State. ATV Tails in Ohio offer a variety of terrains and difficulty levels, making them ideal for riders of all skill levels. No matter your level of expertise or desire for a challenge, there will be a trail in Ohio that fits your needs. Interestingly, campgrounds and overnight accommodations are close by in case you wish to camp. 

If you’re in Ohio and want to take your ATV to new places, then we have a comprehensive guide. Read the full article for a better understanding. 

List of 9 ATV Trails in Ohio

Most of the Ohio trails are moderate in difficulty, conversant for most of the riders, and promote safe riding. Below is the list of the top 9 Trail parks in Ohio.

  • Wayne National Forest – Athens Ranger District – Athens Unit
  • Pike State Forest
  • Tecumseh Trails
  • Pine Lake Raceway And Trails
  • Scenic Trails Recreational Land   
  • Walhonding Hills Campground
  • Renegade Ridge ATV Park  
  • Perry State Forest   
  • Bear Creek: ATV Trails @ Bear Creek Amphitheatre

Wayne National Forest – Athens Ranger District – Athens Unit

The ATV trails in Wayne National Forest are some of the best in Ohio. It has a 145-mile-long trail divided into four districts. Athens and Ironton are the two that allow the trail ride to have 75 miles of trails with eight trailheads and five trailheads, leading to 62.5 miles of trails. 

Besides trails, many activities are available in this national forest, such as kayaking, hiking, off-roading, camping, and horseback riding. Furthermore, the trails are likely to be crowded due to their proximity to the city.

You can take motorbikes and ATVs up to 50″ wide on these trails and enjoy the fun experience. It does not have a single-day pass, but you can take a three-day pass for $20 and a seasonal pass for $35. If you are interested, you can visit from April 15 – December 15.

Pike State Forest

Pike State Forest is situated near Latham. It has 20 miles of trail to test your riding skills and experience something new. In addition to easy trails, there are a few intermediate/challenging sections that wind through the woods, over ridges, and into hollows.

In addition to the beginner’s riding area Pike State Forest also has parking and vault toilets; however, the Park does not offer camping. Furthermore, this is state land, so the entry is free, but your vehicle must be registered in Ohio or your home state. In addition to displaying a valid registration sticker, you must also carry a copy of your registration. 

SxS, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and vehicles up to 62″ wide are allowed in this Park. You can visit this Park from April 2 – November 30. 

Tecumseh Trails

Tecumseh Trail is a private park near the Hemlock, with more than 45 miles of trails. This Park covers a variety of trails. All skill levels can ride their trails due to their marked trails and rating system. Notably, it is a private mark, so your vehicle’s registration does not matter here.

There is a $15 day pass for adults and experienced riders; however, kids under 12 can enjoy this fun experience for free. You can take ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and SxS on these trails. You can enjoy your trail experience to the most because there are no width restrictions, but it does not mean you can take your full-sized trucks and jeep. In case you want to enjoy off-road driving on your jeeps and trucks, you can visit Off-Road Parks in Texas.

You can also enjoy free camping there but without electricity or modern conveniences. Moreover, there is no gas station onsite, but there is one in Shawnee, two miles away.

You can visit there on the weekend. Further timing is given below

  • Friday: 12 pm for entry – Ride till dusk. 
  • Saturday 9 am for entry – 10:00 pm.
  • Sunday 9 am for entry – Out by 4 pm.

Pine Lake Raceway and Trails   

Pine Lake Raceway and Trails Park are near the Jefferson. As one of the earliest trail parks in the country, it was built in 1969 and has 150 acer trail and racing track. In addition to race tracks and classic off-road trails, there are motocross tracks and obstacle courses. Depending on experience and skill, they have different tracks and tails for different age groups and skill levels.

They also host different events throughout the year, including tractor pulls, vintage motorcycle woods races, 6×6 events, tractor pulls, and wedding events. Additionally, you can access the MX track if you are an MX rider. 

Furthermore, free no cost camping is available, but there is no electricity or modern conveniences. You can take dirt bikes, UTVs, ATVs, and SxS on these trails, but jeeps and trucks are prohibited. Pink Lake Park’s one-day pass is available for $15 and $25 on the weekend. During the week, this Park is open 10 am – 6 pm, but you need to schedule an appointment beforehand.

Scenic Trails Recreational Land

Scenic Trails Recreational Land is another Trail park in Ohio near Corning. It has 140 acres area with miles of trails. Almost all the trails go in one direction and are woody, making them safer. If you want some wet riding, you can also enjoy their creek trail and mud pit. Similar to other parks on our ATV Tails in Ohio guide, they also offer basic camping without electricity or other facilities; however, they have two portable toilets.

ATV, UTV, SxS, and dirt bikes are allowed in this part without any width restriction. Fortunately, kids under 12 are free, but for adults, you have to pay $10 per day for one person, and if you have a plan to stay for three days, then you can get their weekend deal for just $25. They are only open during scheduled holidays, events, and private parties. Before going there, make sure you confirm.

Besides the trails and off-road, they are a whole pack of enjoyment for the kids as they have a catch-and-release fishing pond and a couple of paddle boats. Lastly, similar to the Blue Holler off-road park, they also have a couple of caves.

Walhonding Hills Campground

Walhonding Hills Campground is located near Walhonding. There are 60 acres of trails where you can ride through your weekend. In this Park, you can find a dedicated beginner trail along with the experienced rider’s hill climbing trail. Since the trails are steep and rocky, they are best suited to more experienced riders.

Moreover, you can take SxS, rail buggy, dirt bikes, UTVs, and ATVs but make sure your vehicles are insured as insurance proof will be required. In case you are taking your RV, then you have to give $45 for the RV campsite. Additionally, you have to pay $30 for a tent campsite; however, the OHV daily fee is only $5. Lastly, you can visit there on weekends from summer – mid-October, and you must be a registered camper to use the ATV trails.

Renegade Ridge ATV Park   

Renegade Ridge is one of Ohio’s most popular ATV parks near Bloomingdale. It is a 27 miles park 40 minutes away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most of the trail is loose sand and asphalt, but you’ll find mud pits, water crossings, and a hill as well. 

There are well-marked, family-friendly, and advanced trails, so beginners and advanced-level riders can enjoy their rides. The trails are mostly easy, but there are a few challenging sections for more experienced riders. 

ATVs, SxS, dirt bikes, and UTVs are allowed in this Park. Additionally, the Park hosts large group rides throughout the year; you can visit their site to get more info about the upcoming event. Camping is free, but you have to spend your time without electricity or modern conveniences.

They are open all year, one weekend every month. Kids under 12 are free, but adults have to pay $25 on Saturday and $20 on Sunday, and if you plan to speed the whole weekend there, it will cost you $35. 

Perry State Forest   

Perry State Forest is located near Blue Rock, having 4,706 acres of area for the trails. This trail is a blend of rocky hard pack and rugged forest sprinkled with a variety of hollows, ridges, hills, rocky spots, and mud in wet weather.

Furthermore, there are no entry fees, but you must bring your vehicle’s registration proof. Parking area facilities include picnic tables and restrooms; however, plenty of accommodations are nearby. UTV, SxS, dirt bikes, ATVs, and vehicles up to 62″ wide are allowed in this Park. 

Additionally, they do not offer camping, but there is a pleasant private campground outside the forest with direct trail access. During the months of April 2 – November 30, you can visit them and enjoy the trail rides.

Bear Creek: ATV Trails @ Bear Creek Amphitheatre

Bear Creek: ATV Trails @ Bear Creek Amphitheatre is another trail park near East Sparta. It has 26 miles of long trails and 180 acres of area. Similar to the Perry State Forest, this Park is also a blend of the vast, flat area along with rocky and rough forest single-track, occasional water cross, and mud in wet weather.

Bear Creek ATV trail is open year-round from 8 am to 5 pm or 7 pm, depending on the time of year. Like other ATV Tails in Ohio, they also offer camping and cottage so the visitors can spend their night comfortably and peacefully. Since the campsite is only one mile from the trail, it is easy to reach and access. 

Furthermore, you have to pay $25 per person and $10 for kids aged 8-10. Kids under eight are not allowed. Further camping rates are given below.

Camping Rates (for two people):

  • Tent Sites: $31 – $40
  • Electric, Water & Sewer: $46 – $56
  • Electric & Water: $40 – $48
  • Each Additional Child (age 3-17 years): $5
  • Electric, Water & Sewer Patio Site: $72 – $78
  • Each Additional Adult (age 18+ years): $10

Additionally, ADA sites and restrooms, showers, horseback riding, catch-and-release fishing ponds, mini-golf, and a game room are also available.

These are some of the Top 9 ATV Tails in Ohio, I hope now you know the Top Tril places in Ohio and get some value from this article. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family.

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