Vespa Primavera 50cc Top Speed, Specs & Review

Vespa Primavera 50cc review

Vespa Primavera’s compact design makes it ideal for a simple around-town ride, and it has been doing so since 1967. In its long history, Vespa has embodied travel with its exceptional range of Touring components and aesthetic features. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 50cc, 125cc, or 150cc variants.

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About Vespa Primavera

Vespa Primavera 50cc

Vespa Primavera 50cc has a 49.9 cc four-stroke engine with a single cylinder and forced air cooling system. It also has CVT automatic transmission with a torque server. If it doesn’t need special treatment, regular maintenance is required, and it will last a long time.

Furthermore, it has a Single arm with a helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber for the front side and a helical spring with a single hydraulic shock absorber for the rear side. Its 220 mm stainless steel disc front brake with hydraulic control and a mechanically operated 140 mm drum rear brake provide adequate stopping power to it. Lastly, it has tubeless 12 inches tires that are good enough to provide adequate height.

Top Speed of Vespa Primavera 50

The top speed of Vespa Primavera 50 cc is 28 – 30 mph with a maximum power of 3.2 HP @ 7,500 rpm and 2.2 ft-lb torque @ 7,000 rpm. Its top speed is adequate for daily and in-town commutes. 

Additionally, if you are not familiar with this two-wheeler’s top speed, you can simply increase its speed by doing some simple things, including changing the oil and oil filter.


Here is the specification of this Vespa given below.

ENGINE3-valve 4-stroke single cylinder I-get catalyzed
BORE X STROKE39 mm x 41,8 mm
MAX TORQUE2.2 ft-lb at 7,000 rpm
FUEL SYSTEMElectronic Injection
COOLINGForced air
GEARBOXCVT automatic with torque server
CLUTCHAutomatic dry centrifugal with shock absorbers
LOAD-BEARING STRUCTURESheet steel shell with welded structural reinforcements
FRONT SUSPENSIONSingle arm with helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber
REAR SUSPENSIONHelical spring with single hydraulic shock absorber
FRONT BRAKESStainless steel 220 mm disc with hydraulic control
REAR BRAKES140 mm drum with mechanical control
FRONT TIRESTubeless 110/70 – 12”
REAR TIRESTubeless 120/70 – 12”
LENGTH/WIDTH/WHEELBASE73.6 in / 28.9 in / 52.3 in


Primavera 50 has a 49.9 cc four-stroke engine with a single cylinder and I-get catalyzed. It also has a 39 mm x 41.8 mm bore and stroke ratio and a Forced air cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating.

Furthermore, it has CVT automatic transmission with torque server and Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with shock absorbers. Also, it features a fuel injection system, offering excellent fuel economy and performance.


Primavera scooters are the best example of why beating a genuine Italian scooter is hard. All three variants share a lot in common. There are many chrome details on the CC, including the high-mount front fender that gives it its moniker. In addition to containing spray when riding in wet conditions, the deep valence on the fender also contributes to the old-school aesthetic.

There are three chevrons and a new horn cover on the top to complete the “tie” detail. Cyclops headlights, handlebar fairings, and instrument housings have deep roots, but the LED headlights provide a contemporary twist.

Furthermore, you will get recessed blinkers in the leg guard. Although they are legal in other countries, U.S. law requires handlebar-mounted turn signals. Besides an analog speedometer and LCD screen, the instrumentation consists only of idiot lights. Other than that has a small glove box as well for storage. Some of its other features include a pull-out hook, keyed lock, LED taillight, and external blinkers.


Primavera 50 features stamped and shaped sheet metal components that are spot-welded with reinforcement plates at critical stress points, which replace the underframe with the main structure. As a result, the assembly is light and stiff and leaves plenty of space for innards beneath the stressed skin.

As with other marques, the front suspension utilizes an aircraft landing-gear setup with a single-side standing member and a trailing link to articulate the front wheels. For the rear shock, a four-level adjustable feature allows you to adjust for cargo and passenger weight changes.

The factory installed a 140 mm mechanical drum brake out back, a 200 mm disc, and a single-piston anchor at the front of the car. Even though it’s tempting to use Vespa for that, since the wheels are 12 inches in diameter, that’s more than enough.


Suspensions are used to provide a comfortable ride to its user by absorbing all the bumps and jolts. And for that purpose, Primavera 50cc has a Single arm with a helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber for the front side and a helical spring with a single hydraulic shock absorber for the rear side. Despite the reasonable suspension, urban streets will be comfortable to drive on.

Brakes & Tires

It has a hydraulically operated 220 mm stainless steel disc front brake and a mechanically operated 140 mm drum rear brake. These brakes are adequate for a 50cc engine and provide excellent stopping power.

Coming on the tire, it has a Tubeless 110/70 – 12″ front tire and a Tubeless 120/70 – 12″ rear tire. As a result of these 12 inch tires, this two-wheeler can be used by people of any age group since it provides good height. Lastly, both tires are tubeless and provide a solid grip for the scooter. 

Fuel Mileage

Primavera 50cc has a total of 1.8 US gal / 7-liter fuel tank, and it can travel 32 – 34 km per liter, which means it can go 224 – 238 km in one fuel tank. So you can easily travel within the city at a cost-effective rate.

Price and Buying Guide

Due to its premium quality and Brand name, it is available for $4,199. Further, it does not require any specific maintenance. Taking care of it and performing regular maintenance is all you need to do. Even if it seems expensive, you won’t regret investing in a reliable and reputable brand.

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Lastly, I must say that Vespa is a well-known brand famous for their premium quality and vintage-style scooters. Vespa Primavera 50 cc is one of the best scooters of Vespa. It has good-quality suspensions and brakes, is economical in price, and is suitable height with a perk of lightweight and compact size so you can easily pass the narrow areas and busy streets. 

Furthermore, it is slightly more expensive than the competitors, but for the name of Vespa and its vintage looks, it’s worth it. It can be a good choice if you are thinking of buying a 50 cc two-wheeler.


Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers are below.

Is Vespa Primavera a good scooter?

Yes, Vespa Primavera is a good scooter with good reliability and quality components.

Which model of Vespa is best?

There are different scales to choose the best Vespa model. For instance, if we go for the best-selling “Vespa PX” is the one, and when talking about the looks, the most famous one is the “1955 Vespa 150 GS”. Lastly, if you are looking for the most powerful and performing Scooter of Vespa, it can be “Vespa GTV.”

Why is the Vespa so famous?

Vespa is known for its non-sporting style, affordable price, and good handling. Even women can easily ride on its two-wheelers.

Is Vespa suitable for beginners?

Yes, Vespa is a reasonable consideration for beginners as they are lightweight, cheap, require less maintenance, fuel-efficient, and even a person with a short height can easily touch his feet on the ground while sitting on it.

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