Yamaha Blaster Complete Review [Specs, Top Speed, & More]

Yamaha started manufacturing its Yamaha blaster in 1989. As it is for beginners, but experienced riders can also have fun on it, this makes it one of the most acceptable and favourite quads. If your height is more significant, you may face issues while riding it due to its small wheelbase size. It has a plastic frame that makes it a lightweight ATV.



It is a beginner ATV and recommended for Average height persons, but experienced riders can also ride it if they are a little taller, as it has a small wheelbase, so for taller people, its ride can be challenging.

Let’s discuss the Yamaha blaster in detail.

Yamaha Blaster 

The Yamaha Blaster is a two-stroke, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company from 1988 to 2006. It was designed for various surfaces, including dirt, sand, and mud. The Blaster was available in 195cc engine size and was known for its lightweight and agile handling. It was a popular choice among ATV enthusiasts for its reliability, affordability, and performance.


Engine195 CC
Top Speed55 MPH
Cooling systemAir-cooled
Seat height29.13 inches
Wheelbase43.3 inches
Weight324 lbs / 146.96 kg
Front Tire21×7-10
Rear Tire21×10-8

It’s an average Engine with no Reverse Option.

Yamaha Blaster has a two-stroke engine with 195cc. Fuel intake is through the carburettor system. It has six-speed transmissions, but a drawback is that it does not have a reverse option. 

Yamaha has manufactured blasters for 13 years, but the bore and stroke remained 2.59 x 2.24 inches. It also has Reed valves in its 195 cc engine, controlling the fuel-air mixture.

Seat height

Yamaha Blaster is an average-height ATV with a measure of 40.9 inches. The seat height is 29.1 inches, and the wheelbase size is 43.3m. However, the total height of this ATV is 40.9 inches.

If you are worried about stability, don’t worry; it has a ground clearance of 4.7 inches. The length and width of the Blaster are 68.3 inches and 40.7 inches, respectively.

Tires with Small wheelbase Size

Yamaha Blaster is an all-terrain vehicle, so to perform in all-terrain, a vehicle must have big tires; that’s why Yamaha added 21inches tires. Front and rear tire sizes are 21×7-10 and 21×10-8, respectively. The tire size is perfect so that you will get a smooth and trouble-free ride. You may face issues while sitting as it has a wheelbase of only 43.3 inches.

Weight like a Wing

Yamaha Blaster is a lightweight bike weighing 324 lbs or 146.96 kg. It can quickly go anywhere, and if you are going somewhere far off, then you can carry a blaster in the back of your truck.

Calm Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension is mainly responsible for a comfortable or uncomfortable ride as they maximize the friction between the vehicle’s tires and the road. Blaster has a swing arm rear suspension of 7.1 inches and double wishbone independent front suspension of 7.1 inches. Both suspensions are good and do their work perfectly.

Dual-hydraulic Brakes for Safe Ride

The brake is an essential factor of any vehicle. A good vehicle comes with an excellent braking system. Keeping in mind that the brakes are life savers, Yamaha added rear-disc brakes with single-hydraulic and front-disc brakes with Dual-hydraulic.

Availability of the Parts

Yamaha Blaster can restore to like new condition with simple components replacement. Yamaha blaster can be a very stable ride as you can use it for a lifetime due to the easy availability of its parts. You can get high-quality parts of Blaster effortlessly from the market.


Yamaha Blaster is a perfect ATV for average-sized people, but it can be challenging to ride for a taller one as it has only 43.3 inches wheelbase. Due to its plastic frame it is a lightweight ATV. A plastic frame can also be a disadvantage as you can’t ride aggressively on it because it can damage the frame.

Blaster is one of the most popular ATVs of its era; you can find tons of Blaster waiting for their new owners in the market. One more benefit of Blaster is you can modify and customize it according to your need and choice. There are a lot of high-quality parts readily available in the market, so if you damage any of its parts, you can easily buy a new one from the market.

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What is the Top Speed of the Yamaha Blaster?

The Yamaha Blaster ATV has a top speed of 55 MPH, but with proper maintenance, it’s possible to increase its power by 30-40 horsepower, making it quite fast. It can compete in speed with the Yamaha Raptor 350. To increase the power even further, modifications can be made to the ATV to achieve up to 45 horsepower.

Why is Yamaha Blaster lightweight?

The Yamaha Blaster ATV is lightweight, weighing 324 lbs (146.96 kilograms). Its plastic-made frame is one of the key contributors to its modest weight. The outside of the ATV may be beautifully modified with this plastic frame. The ATV’s appearance may be altered by customizing it to suit your tastes because it is made of plastic.

Is it worth buying Yamaha Blaster?

The Yamaha Blaster ATV is no longer in production as Yamaha discontinued it in 2006. However, you can still find used Yamaha Blasters in the market. These used models are relatively affordable, with a price range of typically between $2000 and $3300. You can purchase a mid-level used Blaster within this price range and enjoy riding it. Remember that as it is an older model, you may need to replace or fix some parts, but these parts are readily available in the market.

Why Yamaha stopped making Blasters if they were so popular?

Yamaha discontinued the production of the Blaster ATV due to stricter emission requirements set by the United States. The last year of production for the Yamaha Blaster was 2006. Despite this, it was a popular ATV, and thousands of used models are still available today.

Blaster or Warrior 350

Both of these ATVs are considered used or vintage vehicles because they are both discontinued models. Both of them have unique specifications and are made for different uses. The Yamaha Warrior 350 is more of a utility ATV, but the Blaster is a sport ATV.

Is Yamaha Raptor better than Yamaha Blaster?

Yamaha Raptor 700R is much better than the old Yamaha Blaster. After discounting Blaster, Yamaha introduced its new ATV in the market, Yamaha Raptor 700R. Raptor 700R was a big success for Yamaha as it topped all the sales charts in a competitive environment. It has a Liquid cooled 686cc engine with a two-wheel drive option with a top speed of 75 MPH. Keeping in mind the rider’s safety, Yamaha gives dual hydraulic breaks. Raptor 700 R also has a bigger wheelbase size of 50.4 Inches and comes with a reverse option.

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