Yamaha Grizzly 700 Review [Top Speed, Specs & Price]

yamaha grizzly 700

After the success of the Yamaha Grizzly 660, Yamaha introduced its successor Yamaha Grizzly 700. Grizzly 700 has many upgrades, proving that Yamaha’s execution is still on the mark. 

The Yamaha Grizzly 660 has overheating and front driveshaft issues. Has Yamaha Resolved the overheating issue of the grizzly 660 by introducing the liquid-cooled system in the grizzly 700 and the front driveshaft issue of 660 by upgrading the driveshaft in the grizzly 700? 

There are many other upgrades and answers to your queries so if you want to know more about Yamaha Grizzly 700, read the full article.

Yamaha Grizzly 700

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Review

Yamaha introduced the Grizzly 700 in 2007. Grizzly was a market king and a choice of every person. It has a 686 cc engine, and it is suggested that it is not for farm work, but you can use it for towing heavy weights. It has many advanced features, so Yamaha hasn’t changed the 2007 Grizzly until 2013.




Engine686 cc liquid-cooled 4 stroke
Bore x Stroke102.0 x 84.0mm
TransmissionUltramatic V-belt w/ high/low range, reverse, park; all-wheel engine-braking
BrakesDual hydraulic discs
Length:81.5 in.
Wheelbase:49.2 in.
Width:48.4 in. (EPS) / 49.2 in. (EPS SE)
Height:49.3 in. (EPS) / 50.0 in. (EPS SE)
Towing Capacity:1,322 lb.
Claimed Wet Weight:701 lb. (EPS) / 754 lb. (EPS SE)
PriceEPS $11,399, EPS SE $11,999

Large Size Engine

Yamaha Grizzly 700 has a powerful and robust four-stroke 686 cc engine. It has a single cylinder and liquid cooling system to prevent overheating. Initially, the Grizzly 700 had 47 Horsepower, but later, Yamaha made some changes, and the 2016 model Grizzly 700 has 50 horsepower, which is pretty good. 

It has an electronic fuel injection system with a wet-type air filtration system that delivers fuel to the engine in every situation. You can imagine the engine power by slightly touching the throttle.


Shocks and forks are the reason behind a smooth ride. They can absorb bumps on the track without making you uncomfortable. So how can a world-class ATV like Grizzly 700 possibly need a better suspension? 

So for Calm ride, Yamaha added five-way preload-adjustable shocks on both front and rear. The front suspension has 180 mm / 7.1 inches, and the rear suspension has 230 mm / 9.1 inches of wheel travel. Surely you will get the best smooth ride with these suspensions.

Hydraulic Brakes

To provide safety while riding, this beast machine has Hydraulic disc brakes on both the rear and front. For better control, there are separate levers on the front handlebar for the front and rear brakes. These hydraulic brakes ensure that you will not get into any trouble.

Tubeless Tires

Yamaha Grizzly has front tires of size 25 by 8-12 and rear tires of size 25 by 10-12. All tires are tubeless and mounted on steel rims. Its 21 inches of tire give enough height to the Grizzly so it can easily pass any terrain.

Recommended tire pressure for rear tires is 30 kPa / 4.3 psi) and 35 kPa / 2, 5 psi for the front tires.


Yamaha Grizzly 700 has a transistorized coil ignition system. Grizzly 700 requires a 12V battery and a 40-Amp main fuse that works with the AC-magneto generator system to start and power the electric accessories.


Grizzly 700 has an automatic transmission five-position gated shift lever with an on-demand 4WD option. You can easily switch between 2WD to 4WD by just pressing one button. It has a Clutch system with an Ultramatic V-belt shaft that gives power to the engine. You can get an easy and smooth ride on it without any hesitation.

Comfort & Technology

The comfort of any vehicle starts from its seat. You can easily bear all the bumps if a vehicle has a good seat. The good thing is that Yamaha grizzly has developed so much that it has an air chamber technology seat that will not make you uncomfortable.

As I told you above that, for braking, you have levers on the handlebar so you can easily apply brakes. You can easily change between 2WD and 4WD by pressing a button on the handlebar.

To make it more advanced, Yamaha added a digital LED display meter that shows the speedometer, trip meter, hour meter, odometer, 4WD status, clock, transmission position, and fuel gauge. It also has electric power steering.

The Other Side Of Coin

Yamaha Kodiak 700 is on the other side of the spectrum. Although both ATVs are designed by Yamaha, there are some key differences between these models. Yamaha Grizzly 700 is designed for off-roading with an aggressive look and higher ground clearance. On the other hand, Kodiak 700 is more of a utility vehicle with comparatively smaller tires. Additionally, the latter has a lower price tag, making it more popular among people on a budget.


In the Last, I must say if you buy Yamaha Grizzly 700, you’ll get a smooth ride with the Yamaha Grizzly 700. It is available in 3 Models. Special editions and Limited editions have bigger tire sizes, heights and widths. Although the engine is compact, it will give enough power on any terrain. Its top speed is 64-70 MPH with 50 HP.

It is an automatic transmission, and you can easily switch between 2WD to 4WD by just pressing one button. Ultramatic, V-belt shaft with a Clutch system gives power to the engine.

You can store your essentials while going for a ride in two of the storage compartments of the Yamaha Grizzly 700. A smaller one is on the right side, and the other is under the seat. Both are unsuitable for keeping valuable things as water and air can quickly enter them.

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Is Yamaha Grizzly 700 have any storage Space?

You are going on a ride, and your ATV has a storage option; it is a significant utility so that you can take your essentials with you without hesitation.

Yamaha Grizzly 700 has two storage compartments. The smaller one is on the right front fender, and the other is under the seat. Both are claimed to be water resistant, but they are not; due to some gaps, water and air may enter into both of the compartments and damage your stored item.

What is the Top speed of the Yamaha Grizzly 700?

As it has a potent engine of 686 ccs with a quick response rate, the Yamaha Grizzly 700 produces a horsepower of 50 HP with a top speed of 64-70 MPH.

This much power for an ATV is enough and is very helpful if you get stuck somewhere, it’s 4WD, and Engine power will not let you get stuck there for any more time.

Is It Possible to Carry Yamaha Grizzly 700 on the back of your truck?

An ATV becomes more pleasant if you can carry it anywhere on the back of your truck, but unfortunately, Yamaha Grizzly is a bit heavier, and it can be challenging to take it with you in the back of your truck. Yamaha Grizzly 700’s weight is 648 lbs / 294 Kg. 

You may use a trailer to carry Yamaha Grizzly 700 on the journey.

What is the price of Grizzly 700?

Yamaha Grizzly 700 is a bit expensive but worth the price. The Grizzly 700 Price depends on factors like body colour, model year, and package inclusions. 

Grizzly 700’s base variant EPS price is $11,399, and if you want an EPS SE special edition or EPS XT-R limited edition, you have to pay $11,999 or $12,399, respectively.

What’s the difference between the Grizzly 700 base variant and the Special edition?

Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE is the special edition of the Yamaha Grizzly 700. Special Edition has 27 inches of Maxxis Zilla tires with 14 inches of aluminium wheels. The standard and special editions have the same seat height, but the Special edition has an increased Height of 50.0 inches and a width of 49.2 inches.

There is a slight difference in the weight as the Special edition Grizzly has a 754lb weight which is 3 lb heavier than the base variant.

Has Yamaha Resolved the Grizzly 660 issues in Grizzly 700?

Unfortunately, Yamaha is unable to resolve the issues. Grizzly 700 has the same Engine overheating and oil burring issues. However, Yamaha has resolved the driveshaft issue in its Grizzly 700. The regulator issue is also the same. Before buying it, remember that it has the same issues that Grizzly 660 has.

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