Yamaha Kodiak 700 Review [Top Speed, Specs & Price]

Yamaha Kodiak 700

Yamaha Kodiak 700 is an alternative to the Grizzly 700 and an excellent option for those looking for a 4WD ATV on a low budget. It is more Stable, comfortable, and durable than its prototypes. The Kodiak’s compact size suits a broader range of rider sizes and skill levels.

If you want to know more about the top speed, engine, and Special edition of the Yamaha Kodiak 700, then read the full article.

Yamaha Kodiak 700

Yamaha Kodiak 700

Yamaha Kodiak was introduced in 2016 with a 686cc 4-stock engine. It’s a single-cylinder bike with a liquid-cooled cooling system. Also, It needs no introduction as it is a tried and actual rec-utility 4WD ATV made for soft rides. Its engine start-up sound is relatively low-tuned. And to reduce fatigue, it has class-leading power steering. You can carry most of your stuff on it as it has a front and rear rack to carry essential things.

It also has a halogen headlight and Led display that provides all the necessary information.




Engine:686cc SOHC, liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder
Transmission:Ultramatic V-belt w/ high/low ranger, reverse, parking; all-wheel engine-braking
Bore x Stroke:102.0 x 84.0mm
Compression Ratio:10.0:1
Fuel System:EFI w/ 44mm throttle body
Length:81.5 in.
Width:46.5 in.
Wheelbase:49.2 in.
Height:48.8 in.
Claimed Wet Weight:659 lb. (base) / 686 lb. (EPS) / 714 lb. (EPS SE w/ winch)

Mid-Range Engine

It has SOHC 686 cc engine with a 4-stroke single-cylinder. Its bore and stroke are 102.0mm x 84.0mm. Due to its liquid-cooled engine cooling system, you can drive it for hours without any engine overheating pressure (per the company’s claim), but it has overheating issues. Its engine produces a horsepower of 48 HP.

Ignition & Transmission

It has an Ultramatic automatic transmission system with a compression ratio of 10.0:1 and an on-demand 4WD option. You can switch between 2WD and 4WD by flipping the Diff lock lever. For rider safety, it has all-wheel engine braking, which helps slow down the vehicle’s speed and maintain control of the vehicle.

Kodiak 700’s basic variant has Manuel steering, but others both have Class-Leading Power Steering that improves the trail experience and reduces fatigue. It also has a liquid cooling system for making the engine temperature low.

Braking System

Brakes slow down the engine and help avoid any serious incident. Yamaha is pretty much concerned with the safety of its riders, so it has a Dual hydraulic disc on the front, and on the rear side, it has Multi-disk wet brake. 

Both front and rear brake levers are on the handlebar, so a rider can easily access them and apply brakes immediately. 


Yamaha Kodiak 700 has front tires of 25 x 8-12 Maxxis® MU19 and rear tires of 25 x 10-12 Maxxis® MU20. As both front and rear tires are 21 inches in size, they give a pretty good height to this machine, making it look aggressive and adequate.


ATV suspensions are used for two purposes one is for absorbing bumps, and another one is to support the weight of the ATV. It has an Independent double-wishbone on the front with 7.1-inch travel, and on the rear side, it has an Independent double-wishbone with an anti-sway bar with 9.1-inch travel. These suspensions will provide a smooth ride without sacrificing your comfort.

Comfort and Handling

It has a low seat that makes it ultra-comfortable. And due to its compact size, its handling is as easy as you think. The Handel bar is in the correct position, and the floorboards provide a firm grip. In short, it is a superb ATV. Another thing that makes its handling easy is its fuel tank which lowers the center of gravity and allows confident cornering.


It is a compact but durable and powerful ATV. Kodiak 700 has a length and width of 81.5 inches and 46.5 respectively. Its height is 48.8 inches which is an average and decent height for an ATV.

You will get 33.9 inches seat height and 49.2 inches wheelbase in this mid-range ATV. You can take it anywhere, as it has 10.8 inches of ground clearance. 

Towing Capacity and Weight 

Yamaha Kodiak 700 has two racks; one is on the front side, and the other is on the rear side. The rear rack can hold 198 pounds, and the front one is small so it can hold 110 pounds. As it has a powerful engine and a rugged machine, you can tow up to 1322 lbs / 600 kg, so if you are going on a journey, you can take as many things as you want.

Kodiak has a wet weight of 659 lb 298kg. It’s heavier and may be a pain for you if you consider taking it on your journey in the back of your truck.

Fuel System

Yamaha Kodiak 700 has an EFI w/ 44mm throttle body, meaning electronically operated injectors control fuel delivery. They are usually large and provide greater latitude for the air delivery requirements. The fuel tank of this bike is underneath the seat, which lowers the center of gravity that helps handle this ATV.

The fuel tank has a 4.8 gal capacity, but there is no fuel gauge, so you can only see the fuel level in your tank once the fuel light goes on.

Kodiak 700 VS Grizzly 700 

Both have the same 686 ccs, but the Grizzly 700 is quicker than Kodiak 700. There is not much difference between these machines, but you will feel the Yamaha grizzly 700 is more comfortable and calm on any track it is due to its suspensions. Grizzly 700 has improved suspensions but talking about the price, I think Kodiak 700 has more value for money, and it has a sportier look that makes it look aggressive and attractive. 


Yamaha Kodiak 700 has a SOHC 4-stroke 686 cc engine. It has three different variants, and most people need clarification while choosing between them. I have had its special edition EPS for the past two years and experienced its base variant, So if you choose its EPS edition, you will love it. It has many extra features like speed-sensitive electric power steering, five-way preload-adjustable shocks, and an on-command three-way locking differential. With a top speed of 64 MPH and 48 HP, you will get the superb experience of its drive due to its super comfortable seat and handling. You can use its limited Edition EPS SE model if you want this bike with more accessories like Warn VRX 25.

Halogen headings are given instead of Led headlights for better visibility.

It also has a Led display which will show all the information like 4WD status, trip meter, speedometer, hour meter, odometer, and clock. 

The Kodiak 700 comes with a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating, but it is ineffective as the engine has overheating issues. It has 21 inches big tires with steel rims, but due to its lightweight, sometimes these tires are unstable on hills. You may face some problems like smoke coming out from its exhausts, a bit noisy when switching between 2WD/4WD, and engine starting issues in winter.

Overall it is a good machine with a total weight of 659 lb, and it can carry 308 pounds with a towing capacity of 1322 lbs. 

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What is the top speed of the Yamaha Kodiak 700?

The Top Speed of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is 64 MPH / 102 KMH. It is enough for an ATV, and you can easily take it to any terrain and experience its fantastic performance. With a top speed of 64 MPH, it produces 48 Horsepower. 

Is Yamaha Kodiak 700 has Led display and headlight?

Yes, Yamaha Kodiak 700 has led displays with a 4WD status, trip meter, speedometer, hour meter, odometer, and clock, but it does not have a led headlight. Yamaha replaced the led headlight with halogen headlines that ensure better visibility.

What is the price of the Yamaha Kodiak 700?

The introductory variant price of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is $8,399. As it is a compact machine with slightly lower performance than its elder brother Grizzly 700, the same thing happens with the price as Kodiak 700 price is slightly low. If you want some extra features, you can go with the advanced edition EPS of this bike. Its special edition EPS has two variants one is natural tree edge which is $10,299, and the other one is tactical green which costs $9,999. 

If you are a fan of black color with a sportier look, you can buy its top variant EPS SE for $10,999.

Is Yamaha Kodiak 700 easy to maintain?

Yes, Yamaha Kodiak 700 is easy to maintain. Usually, ATVs have one common problem of rigid access for maintenance, which is a real-time pain for its user. But let me tell you again; it is an easy-to-maintain ATV with easy access to its fluid filler and air filter box. One thing that has rigid access which is its drive belt of CVT transmission, but you don’t have to worry as it comes with a 10-year limited V-belt warranty

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