Yamaha PW50 Specs, Price & Review

yamaha pw50

Yamaha Introduced PW50, the smallest dirt bike, in 1980. Its prominent features include maintenance-free MAG-style wheels and shaft drive, a Comfortable and thick saddle, a fully automatic Oil injection system, and an adjustable throttle response. This is an excellent choice for kids starting on their first gas bike.

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What is Yamaha PW50?

Yamaha PW50 Specs

Yamaha PW50 is a 49cc two-stroke bike with an air-cooled system. It also has Mikuni VM12/1 Carburetor with the addition of a fully automatic Centrifugal transmission. It was popular due to its 18.7 inches of seat height which is the lowest for any bike.

You will also get 26 mm Telescopic front forks with 60 mm wheel travel and a Unit Swing arm rear dual shock absorber with 50 mm wheel travel. 

Furthermore, it has 10 inches front and rear tires along with Mechanical leading trailing drum brakes on both sides. These suspensions and brakes are sufficient for this low-engine power bike.

Top Speed of Yamaha PW50: How fast does a PW50 go?

The Yamaha PW50’s top speed is 26 – 32 mph with 2.68 HP (2.0 kW) @ 2700 RPM and a maximum torque of 3.80 Nm (0.4 kg-m or 2.8 ft. lbs). In view of the fact that it does not have a Top Speed of 150cc Dirt Bike or more, so this speed is enough for kids, and they can easily enjoy the gas bike ride without getting into any serious trouble.

Moreover, rough terrain doesn’t suit the PW50 tires or suspensions; you must ride slowly for a smooth ride experience. Lastly, you don’t need much power when riding off-road with a lightweight bike and rider, and if you need so, you probably need a bigger bike with more power. 


Here is the specification of this mini trail bike given below.

EnginB4:C2149 cc Reed valve, Single cylinder, Air-cooled, 2-stroke
Bore x stroke40.0 mm x 39.2 mm
Compression ratio6.0:1
Lubrication systemSeparate lubrication
Clutch TypeWet, Centrifugal automatic
Ignition systemCDI
Starter systemKick
Transmission systemautomatic
Final transmissionShaft
CarburetorMikuni VM12/1
FrameSteel tube backbone
Front suspension system26 mm Telescopic forks, 60 mm wheel travel
Rear suspension systemUnit Swingarm dual shock absorber, 50 mm wheel travel
Front brakeMechanical leading trailing drum brake
Rear brakeMechanical leading trailing drum brake
Front tire2.50-10 4PR
Rear tire2.50-10 4PR
Overall length1.245 mm
Overall width610 mm
Overall height705 mm
Seat height475 mm
Wheelbase855 mm
Caster Angle25°30′
Trail50 mm
Minimum ground clearance95 mm
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)41 kg
Fuel tank capacity2.0 L

Engine & Transmission

Yamaha PW50 has a 49 cc two-stroke engine with a single cylinder. It has an air-cooled system that prevents the engine from overheating. It also has a 40.0 x 39.2 mm Bore x stroke ratio and a 6.0:1 compression ratio.

Furthermore, you will get Mikuni VM12/1 Carburetor and Capacitor discharge Ignition system that sparks the engine for operation. Lastly, you will get the Centrifugal automatic transmission in it.

Brakes & Tires 

In order to stop a bike, brakes provide resistance against the bike’s movement. And for its stopping, this mini bike has a Mechanical leading trailing drum brake for the front wheel and the same Mechanical leading trailing drum brake for the rear wheel. Although drum brakes are not considered much efficient for this low-engine power bike, they are adequate.

Coming on the tires, it has 2.50-10 4PR front tires and 2.50-10 4PR rear tires. The front and rear tires are tubeless. Furthermore, you will get 10 inches wheel size on both the front and rear sides.  

Suspension & Handling

Low engine power and size mean this bike doesn’t need advanced-level suspension to absorb bumps, so it has 26 mm Telescopic front forks with 60 mm wheel travel and a Unit Swing arm rear dual shock absorber with 50 mm wheel travel. These suspensions are adequate for this bike to provide a smooth ride.

This dirt bike is well-suited to low speeds and tight areas because of its low seat height, short wheelbase, and lightweight setup. Unlike a dirt bike, it can lean and turn easily, making it an excellent learning tool.

This off-road motorcycle is made for rough terrain and is not very stable at high speeds. Moreover, most kids can pick it up easily due to its lightweight and close proximity to the ground.

Seat & Ride Comfort

The Yamaha PW50 dirt bike has the lowest seat height of 18.7 inches, making it the shortest dirt bike. In comparison to its league dirt bikes, the Yamaha Zuma 50 and Aprilia SR50 are about 12 and 11.4 inches bigger, respectively.

Due to its low seat height, kids will be able to handle it more accessible than a chair that has a higher seat height. Even kids can easily touch the ground on this dirt bike, resulting in more comfort, familiarity, and confidence.

New Yamaha PW50 Price & Resale Market Value

The Yamaha PW50 price is $1,699, and for some reason, if you are not able to buy the new PW50, then you can buy it in used condition at just $899 – $1,299. It is a value-to-money bike, so you should consider it.

Final Thoughts

The Yamaha PW50 is the smallest dirt bike for kids ages 6 to 9. Kids can easily enjoy its ride due to its lowest seat height, lightweight and easy handling. According to its size, it has adequate suspensions that are very efficient at low speeds. Furthermore, its drum brake will also provide good braking so your kids can ride it without any fear of losing control.

It is a perfect activity for the kids that is affordable as well, so you can consider this mini dirt bike for your kids.


Here are the frequently asked questions, and their answers are given below.

What is the weight limit for the PW50?

PW50 is a bike for kids, so kids with a weight of up to 20 – 25 kg can ride on it.

What age group is a PW50 for?

PW50 is recommended for kids between the ages of 6 and 9.

Does a PW50 have a battery?

No, there’s no battery in the PW50, resulting in more lightweight than its league bikes.

Is a PW50 automatic?

Yes, PW50 is an entirely automatic bike with adjustable throttle control, so you can lower or higher the engine power according to your kid’s age and experience.

What is the fastest 50cc bike?

Aprilia RS50 is the fastest 50 cc bike with a claimed top speed of 45 – 50 mph.

How many gears does a PW50 have?

There are no gears on the PW50 since it comes with centrifugal automatic transmission.

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