Yamaha Raptor 700 Top Speed, Specs & Price

yamaha raptor 700

Yamaha is still making advancements in the sport ATV field and making sure to remain at the top. The Yamaha Raptor 700 was introduced in 2006, and it’s been 17 years since it is still in production run. It is a combination of thriller off-road experience, performance, and rugged design. 

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What is Yamaha Raptor 700?

Yamaha Raptor 700

Yamaha Raptor 700 is a sports ATV with a SOHC 686 cc engine, TCI ignition responsible for the combustion of sparks, and a YFI system providing fuel and air mixture. Furthermore, it has five-speed transmission along with a reverse option. 

Its front and rear brakes are hydraulic discs that ensure the rider’s safety. Along with that, it has adjustable suspension on both sides and Maxxis® tires for good road grip.

Top Speed of Yamaha Raptor 700

The Yamaha Raptor 700 top speed range from 70 – 75 mph, which is quite impressive and beneficial for off-road and hills. Some of the users also claimed that after heavy modification, they had clocked 90 mph on this all-terrain beast.

It takes 8 seconds to reach 0 to 40 mph and 24 seconds from 0 to 75 mph. Its impressive speed shows its remarkable power, which is suitable for moderate and pro-level riders. 

Factors that Influence the Speed of Raptor 700

There are two factors in this ATV influencing its speed given below.

  • Speed or Rev Limiter 
  • Tires

Speed or Rev Limiter 

You will likely not be able to reach the high speed on your Raptor 700 if the speed or rev limiter is installed. So you have to remove the limiter to achieve its top speed.

Here are two ways to check whether your ATV has the limiter.

  • First, you should check the manual.
  • Secondly, accelerate until reclined without shifting.


The tires play a significant role in determining a quad’s speed. If you want to achieve the Raptor’s top speed, it is crucial to check its tires. You have to use sports ATV tires because they contain thread that does not get worn and flat.

You can determine whether your tire needs to be changed by following these steps;

  • It is advisable to leave a quarter of tread between each groove; a few centimeters should still be left between each groove. If you find the tread almost flat, it is recommended to replace your tires.


Here are The specifications of this all-terrain ATV given below.

Engine Type686 cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke102.0 mm x 84.0 mm
Compression Ratio10.0:1
Fuel DeliveryYamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 44 mm
IgnitionTCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Starting SystemElectric
Transmission5-speed w/reverse; wet multiplate clutch
Final DriveX-ring chain; 2WD
Suspension / FrontCast aluminum swingarm with preload adjustable shock, 10.1-in travel
Suspension / Rear5-speed w/reverse; wet multi-plate clutch
Brakes / FrontDual hydraulic disc
Brakes / RearHydraulic disc
Tires / FrontAT22 x 7-10 Maxxis®
Tires / RearAT20 x 10-9 Maxxis®
L x W x H72.6 in x 45.5 in x 43.9 in
Seat Height32.7 in
Wheelbase50.4 in
Maximum Ground Clearance9.5 in
Fuel Capacity2.9 gal
Wet Weight422 lb


Yamaha Raptor 700 has SOHC 686 cc, a four-stroke engine with four valves. Its engine also has a liquid cooling system to keep the engine temperature low. It also has an aggressive 102.0 mm x 84.0 mm Bore x Stroke ratio and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. 

To ignite the fuel and start the combustion process, it has Transistor Controlled Ignition. Its engine is also equipped with a 44 mm Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) system that provides air and fuel mixture. This quad has many other features, including its electric starting system. Furthermore, you can easily change its oil along with the accessibility of a tool-free air filter making its maintenance easy.

Transmission & Suspension

It is a powerful ATV that comes with a five-speed transmission and a reverse option as well as a multi-plate clutch. It is a 2WD vehicle with an X-ring chain. You can easily take it anywhere of your choice and will not make you feel regretful.

It has an Independent double-wishbone front fork and cast aluminum swingarm rear suspension that will absorb all the bumps of the trail and provide a good riding experience with a smooth ride. Furthermore, the front suspension has 9.1 inches of travel, and the rear suspension has 10.1 inches of travel. Both front and rear suspensions are preload adjustments, so you can adjust them according to weight.  

Brakes & Tires

Raptor 700’s brakes have incredible stopping power consisting of dual hydraulic disc brakes for the front wheel and single hydraulic disc brakes for the rear wheel. In addition to the drilled discs, the rear brake has twin pistons for maximum stopping power and reduces unsprung weight.

Moreover, its front tire size is AT22 x 7 – 10, and its rear tire size is AT20 x 10 – 9. Both are from Maxxis®, which is a leading firm in Taiwan in the tire world. Maxxis® designed these tires especially for this ATV with a tread pattern, providing outstanding traction for sharp handling in different conditions and terrain.

Mileage & Fuel Consumption

Raptor 700 has an average-sized 2.9 US gallons fuel tank, and it can easily go 32 miles with 1 gallon, which means you can travel more than 90 miles on it in one fuel tank. 

The mileage of a vehicle is dependent on road conditions, wind, and riding habits so the fuel average may be slightly up and down than the claimed in different situations. But overall, it is a fuel-efficient quad you can consider it for yourself.

Buying Price NEW VS Old Which one is best?

You can buy Raptor 700 2023 edition in brand new condition for just $9,399, and if you are ok with a bit outdated version, then you can get its 2022 model in brand new condition for just $8,799.

It is also available in used condition with a price range of $4,000 to $8,000. The price of the used ATV depends on the condition, modifications, and model year. You can go with its best 2012 model if you are considering used models.

Final Thoughts

Yamaha Raptor 700 is a high-performance quad that can effortlessly go anywhere. It is an electric starter ATV with a lot of features, including an advanced chassis, Rider-Friendly, Big-Bore Power, and aggressive style. It comes with an excellent braking system and tires that provide quality stopping and grip on the road respectively. 

Its suspensions are adjustable, so you can easily adjust them according to weight and terrain type. It is not a beginner ATV, so if you want an ATV to dive into the ATV’s Sea, then Yamaha Raptor 350 top speed is 63 mph which is adequate for beginners, and can easily ride and learn on it. This ATV is available in both New and used condition, so it’s up to you to choose whatever model you want.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions, and their answers are given below.

What is faster, a 450 or a Raptor 700?

Yamaha Raptor 700 is slightly faster than the Raptor 450 because Raptor 450 has a 449 cc engine that can produce a top speed of 70 – 75 mph, while on the other hand, the Raptor 700 has a 686 cc engine that can produce a top speed of 75 – 77 mph.

How many miles per gallon does a 700 Raptor get?

Raptor 700 can easily go 32 miles per gallon as it has a 2.9-gallon fuel tank, so it can go more than 90 miles in one fuel tank.

What is the difference between Raptor 700 and 700R?

Both models are almost identical in terms of specification except for suspension. Raptor 700R has high-end shocks on the front and rear sides that provide a more comprehensive range of threaded preload adjustment, rebound adjustment, and high- and low-speed compression damping instead of  700’s preload-adjustable shocks.

How many gears does the Raptor 700 have?

Raptor 700 has five-speed transmission along with a reverse option.

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