Yamaha TTR 125 Review: [Specs, Top Speed & Comparison]

Bottom Line

The Yamaha TTR 125 is a reliable and durable off-road bike that is well-suited for both beginners and experienced riders. The bike features a 125cc solid air-cooled four-stroke engine that provides ample power for tackling challenging terrain. This vehicle comes with a front suspension system with a telescopic fork and a rear suspension system with a single shock. Generally, the Yamaha TTR 125 is a solid choice for those in the market for a reliable, versatile off-road motorcycle. Also, this vehicle caters primarily to family recreation and off-road trails.

Do you want to start your dirt bike journey? And if you are looking for a dirt bike from Yamaha, then let me tell you Yamaha has two beginner trail bikes; one is TTR 125, and the other is TTR 230. TTR 230 is expensive compared to TTR 125. I think TTR 125 is best for a beginner as it has two purposes, learning and gaining confidence, and this bike will give you both, so there’s no need to spend more money on TTR 230.

If you want to know more about the Yamaha TTR 125 and its different variants, then be with me. By the end of this article, you will have an idea why Yamaha TTR 125 is best for starting a dirt bike journey.

Yamaha TTR 125

Yamaha TTR is a perfect mid-size beginner bike; it has a 124 CC engine with four strokes. Yamaha built TTR 125 to compete with Honda XR100 in 2000. Two things that make it perfect are its soft sound and another one is its weight. It is a lightweight bike that can go anywhere.

Yamaha ttr 125


Engine:124cc air-cooled 4-stroke
Top Speed:45 mph
Horsepower:7 HP
Seat Height: 30.5″ (125 small-wheel)/31.7″ (125L/LE large-wheel)
Weight:172 lbs
Wheelbase50 inches
Front-wheel: 17″ (125)/19″ (125L/LE)
Rear wheel: 14″ (125)/16″ (125L/LE)


As Yamaha TTR 125 is a beginner dirt bike. I think it’s a good idea for a beginner to use a dirt bike with low engine power. TTR 125 has an engine of 124cc with four stocks. This bike comes with an air-cooled system and a single cylinder.

yamaha ttr 125 Engine

TTR 125 has 9.39 horsepower and five transmission clutch gears. You can ride and learn on it; it will not kill you with its speed.


The suspension of the Yamaha TTR 125 could be better; it must be stiffer, but as it is a beginner bike, it is normal to have a soft suspension because many of the new riders drive slowly. 

TTR 125 has two 31mm telescopic front forks with adjustable preload and a single rear shock with adjustable compression and rebound, 6.6-in travel.


Brakes are life savers, so an excellent braking system in a vehicle is a must. There are two types of braking systems used in the Yamaha TTR 125. Yamaha TTR 125 base variant has drum brakes on both the rear and front sides. Drum brakes need to be improved and are not up to the mark safety-wise, but they can stop a beginner as he drives slowly.

Later then, in 2003, Yamaha introduced its TTR 125E and TTR 125EL. These models have front disc brakes that ensure the safety of the riders.

Tire Size 

Wheels are the ones that are also involved in the Smooth and calm ride. It has a small wheelbase, which helps in creating a tight turning circle. There are two sizes of wheels as TTR 125 has different models, so different models have different wheel sizes.  

The base variant TTR 125 has a 14-inch rear wheel and a 17-inch front wheel. On the other hand, TTR 125L and TTR 125 LE has a giant wheel with a front tire size is 19 inch, and a rear tire size is 16 inch.


We have discussed several times that it is a bike for learning, so handling must be good so a person can learn how to ride a dirt bike properly. But its low seat height and centre of gravity are not ideal for good handling, but it does not lag in any of its work. 

Minor Upgrades throughout the Years

  • 2000: Yamaha introduced two dirt bikes, TTR 125 and TTR 125L. TTR 125L has larger wheels.
  • 2003: Yamaha added TTR 125E & TTR 125LE. Both have an electric start option. Yamaha TTR 125 LE has larger wheels than the TTR 125E.
  • 2005: Yamaha discontinued the TTR125 small wheel model with kick-start-only option.
  • 2009: Yamaha discontinued the TTR 125L kick-start-only model with a larger wheel size.
  • 2011: Yamaha Removed TTR 125E small-wheel model with an electric start option. 
  • TTR125LE is the only option available till now.

The Top Speed of the Yamaha TTR 125

Yamaha TTR 125 is not a bike for drag races; they are made for long and comfortable rides but try to avoid jumping on them. TTR 125 has a top speed of 45 MPH. I know more speed is needed, but when you are riding it on a trail, you will not cross 20 MPH. You can change the sprocket/gearing sizes if unsatisfied with the low speed. This will increase the speed of your bike.


If you are looking for a beginner bike and want to learn trail, then Yamaha has one of the best beginner dirt bikes, TTR 125. There are four models in it, but in 2023, only one model, TTR125LEis available for sale. It has a small seat height of 31.7 inches, perfect for teenagers and beginners.  

Its small wheelbase helps in creating a tight turning circle. TTR 125’s handling is not suitable for an experienced rider, but for beginners, it is good he can easily learn on it.

It is a perfect bike for learning riding but doesn’t misuse it, and don’t try jumping on it, as it has a soft suspension, which can harm you or your bike. 

Last but not least, if you want to ride TTR 125, then let me tell you it is not a legal road bike, so try to avoid these types of things. You may buy a legal road bike to enjoy riding on roads.


Is TTR 125 have a Normal seat height?

TTR 125 has a seat height of 31.7 inches, perfect for beginners and teenagers. If you are thinking of buying a bike with greater seat height and you are a normal-height person, then try to avoid it; you will result in failing and falling as your feet will not touch the ground.

Is There Any Weight or Age Limit to Ride on TTR 125?

TTR 125 is easy to maintain and suitable for riders who weigh between 80-120 pounds. However, if you are over 140-150 lbs, you may need to upgrade the suspension for a smoother ride. There is no age limit for riding this bike, but it is designed for a person with a height of 5 inches-5.7 inches. It is unsuitable for jumping and intended for learning and gaining experience before moving on to bigger dirt bikes.

Is Yamaha TTR 125 is Electric start?

The Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike initially did not have an electric start option, but it has become a standard feature over time. While the bike can still be started by kicking, the electric start option is more convenient as it only requires pressing one button. The TTR 125E and TTR 125LE models of the bike only have an electric start option, so if you prefer the convenience of an electric start, those models are the best.

What makes a TTR 125 different from YZ 125?

The Yamaha YZ 125 and TTR 125 have similar engine sizes, but the YZ 125 is considered superior due to its better seat height. The YZ 125 has a top speed of 65 MPH and weighs 208 lbs, while the TTR 125 has a top speed of 45 MPH and weighs 193 lbs. The TTR 125 has a soft suspension and a lower-performing engine than the YZ 125. However, the TTR 125’s engine is better suited for beginners and requires less maintenance. The YZ 125, on the other hand, is better for trail riding as it can handle jumps up to 12 inches.

Is Yamaha TTR 125 Road legal or not?

The Yamaha TTR 125 is a fun bike, but it is not legal for use on public roads. Many of Yamaha’s competitors have made their bike’s road-legal, but Yamaha has not done so for the TTR 125. It is not possible to take this bike on public roads. Making it road legal would require significant changes and significant expense. It is recommended to consider purchasing a road-legal bike instead of trying to modify the TTR 125 to be road legal.

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