Yamaha TTR 230 Top Speed, Specs & Price

The Yamaha TT R230’s Top Speed may grab your interest if you enjoy riding dirt bikes. Yamaha, a reputable Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, is the maker of this powerful dirt bike. This article will tell you all you need to know about the Yamaha TTR 230 speed, including and performance-affecting speed variables.

What is Yamaha TTR 230?

Yamaha TT-R230

Yamaha TTR 230 is a 230cc 4-stroke air-cooled trail bike with a reputation for dependability and affordability. Its performance may not be the best, but this is one of its advantages since it makes it a fantastic option for a particular group of riders. The bike is a great choice for riders who are just starting their off-road journey or who want a more leisurely ride due to its modest performance characteristics.

Top Speed of Yamaha TT-R230

The top speed of the Yamaha TTR 230 is 60 mph (96.5 kph). A SOHC 4-valve two-stroke engine generates 17 hp at 223cc displacement. This speed is quite good if you’re a beginner or returning to offroading after a long time.

How to increase the top speed?

If you’re not happy with the top speed of the bike, you can increase it. Rider’s weight, terrain, and weather can also impact its top speed. Following are the ways to increase Yamaha TT-R230’s top speed:

  • Reduction of weight: You can replace its heavy parts with lighter ones to increase its top speed.
  • Change the tires: You can change its tires with those having less rolling resistance, which can help with its acceleration.
  • Performance Exhaust System: You can upgrade its performance exhaust system to increase engine power, resulting in more speed.
  • Air-intake: You can increase the engine power by allowing more airflow into the engine and improving combustion.

Best suitable engine for beginners

This dirt bike has a 223cc engine with two valves and four stocks. The ignition type is CDI, and the Final driven is on the chain. It produces a smooth and foreseeable power of about 20HP. It’s the best option for beginners. The power is enough to learn and make yourself comfortable with dirt bikes.

Yamaha TT-R230 horsepower

Yamaha hadn’t publicly stated the TT-R230’s horsepower. Although the average output of a 223cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke, the 2-valve engine is 17.7 horsepower at 8500 RPM. It lacks the amount of horsepower that makes a dirt bike go above the bar, but it still has enough power for any type of ground clearance.¬†Horsepower is not the strength of this bike, but a pleasant and smooth riding experience can be. You can learn quickly without getting stuck in any trouble.

Trouble-free Yamaha TT-R230

Youngsters are energetic and more excited, so if in excitement you push the throttle of this bike, it will not get you into any trouble. Although it doesn’t have much torque compared to Yamaha YZ 125, its power curve is very forgiving.

Spark up your Bike with an Electric Start 

For me, an Electric start is convenient. It has an electric start option, but a kick-start option is not available, which is a disadvantage. Electric start was absent from the beginning, but as time passed, things got modernized and developed, so Yamaha gave an electric start in 2007.

What if your bike battery dies?

If your bike battery dies and it’s not turning on, you must bump-start it. The battery is under the seat behind the side cover on the right side. You can easily remove the battery and charge it or replace it. 

Not Much to Upgrade

Everybody wants to upgrade their bike to increase its power and make it look more attractive. Another reason for the modification is that you want your ride to be according to your choice. 

I am the person who modifies every single thing about myself, but there is little option to upgrade. You can modify it, but you can’t make this beginner dirt bike into a fire-breathing monster that can eat up 400s on hill climbs.

Is the Suspension Comfortable? 

As you know, it’s a bike to start your dirt bike journey and build confidence. So you will not get the latest technology suspensions, but the given suspensions are suitable for this bike. These suspensions will give you a smooth and comfortable ride while riding at medium speed in trail riding.

Bump Absorbing Front Forks 

Front forks are vital in a comfortable ride as they absorb all the bumps. The forks in TTR 230 are reliable and straightforward and will give you a comfortable ride at slow speed, but when you increase the throttle, it will start to bottom out. You can add heavier springs if you want to upgrade its forks for a stable ride. This is the cheapest thing you can do to upgrade its forks.

Is the rear Shock Comfortable? 

Just like the forks, rear shocks are also hard to tune. You can externally pre-load; this will help you balance and handle. In my experience, shocks are comfortable while riding at Medium speed off-road, but not fast off-road.

What is the Tire Size of TT-R230?

It comes with a front tire of 80/100-21 and a rear tire of 80/100-18. These tires are DOT-approved. They make the perfect grip for the bike on the ground and will never allow it to skid.

Jumping From Hills

As discussed above, its forks and shocks are not made for high performance. It’s a perfect bike for beginners. You can jump on TTR 230, but it is unsafe if jumping from more than 10ft height and you are over 150 lbs.; you are more likely to crash, or your bike can become out of control.

I suggest avoiding these types of adventures on this bike.

Quality Grip

As an experienced rider, I have seen that weight is the most crucial factor that affects handling. It is heavier than a 250 CC bike but has a low center of gravity. It is not that much heavier, which makes its handling comfortable. 

What is the size & weight of the Yamaha TT-R230?

As compared to other dirt bikes, TTR 230 is smaller in size. Its weight is 109.8 kg (242 lb.) and 116 kg (256 lb.).

Its small size and light-weight make handling much easy for beginners. You can quickly get in and out of trees due to its handling and low wheel size, making it quicker while turning.

Decent Seat Height

It is a small-size trail bike, so don’t worry if your height is short. It has a seat size of 34 inches, and the most full-sized bike comes in 37 to 40 inches.

I am an average-height person and can easily touch the ground. However, when you come to a stop, you need one foot to touch the ground for support.

Is Yamaha TTR 230 is Road Legal?

This bike is not road legal; you can enjoy it off-road, but you can’t take it onto roads. Many of Yamaha’s competitors are now making their dirt bike roads legal, but Yamaha has no plan to make it road-legal.

Problems that you may face

Yamaha has been selling these bikes from decades, so you don’t have to feel much worried while buying them. Keep in mind that it’s a beginner bike. Don’t expect high-profile performance from it.

I have seen many people buy it, abuse it, and not take care of it. If you are thinking of buying it try to maintain it. You can do simple maintenance like changing the oil filter or engine oil. Clean the chain. This will also increase its life.

I have been using Yamaha TTR 230 for almost four years, and there are not many considerable problems with it. 

Is Yamaha TTR 230 better than the Yamaha YZ 125?

If you are looking for a bike to learn dirt bike driving, then TTR 230 is the best option. If you want a dirt bike that can perform in racing, go for the YZ 125cc. 

Yamaha YZ 125 is a two-stock engine bike specially made for racing. It has advanced shocks and powerful pick-up with many other advanced features. People prefer two stock engines because they are easy to maintain and economical. 

If you are comparing TTR 230 and YZ 125, which is better? Then it’s a blind win for YZ 125, but if you are new to dirt bikes, I suggest you take TTR 230 because it is less expensive, easy to maintain, and, most importantly, is suitable for learning.


TTR 230 is a simple and good bike with four stock engines. That is enough for those in the learning phase and suitable for small kids of 14 to 19 age.

Its lightweight and small wheels help it move in and out of the trees more easily. As we already discussed, the shocks and forks of the Yamaha TTR 230 need to be better. It’s a beginner bike and is suitable for newcomers only. It will give you a smooth and comfortable ride at medium speed but can be uncomfortable on a fast off-road.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

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