Yamaha V-max Complete Review [Buying Guide]


As the world’s most iconic muscle bike, V-max combines the spirit of the drag strip with impressive beauty and pinpoint performance. This bike was an unashamed brute that Yamaha introduced in 1985 and was originally designed for drag racing. This massive mass of metal and chrome bike instantly drew a cult following. It was also featured in a few games and the ghost rider movie.

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Engine Type Liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve V-four
Displacement (cc) 1679cc
Bore x stroke (mm) 76 mm × 66 mm
Compression ratio  10.5:1
Top Speed140 mph -150 mph
Horsepower120 HP, 200 HP
Transmission5-speed, slipper clutch
Final drive shaft drive
Fuel DeliveryFuel-injection
BatteryMaintenance Free
Front Suspension52 mm telescopic cartridge fork with oxidized titanium coating and a Single shock with a remote reservoir
Rear Suspensionand rear suspension is fully adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression
Front Brake12.6 in / 320 mm discs with radial-mount 6-piston calipers and a Brembo master cylinder
Rear Brakewave-type 11.7 in / 298 mm disc for the rear wheel with a single-piston caliper and Brembo master cylinder
Front Tire120/70 R18M/C (59V)
Rear Tire200/50 R18M/C (76V)
Weight (lb.)694 lb. (315 kg)
Ground clearance (in.) 5.5 in (140 mm)
Length (in.) 94.3 in (2,395 mm)
Width (in.) 32.3 in (820 mm)
Height (in.)46 in (1,160 mm)
Seat height (in.)30.5 in (775 mm)
Wheelbase (in.) 66.9 in (1,699 mm)
Fuel capacity (gal.)4.0 US gallons (15 l; 3.3 imp gal)
Price $19890 (2009 model), $3,500-$5,500 (1985 model).


Yamaha V-Max Comes with an Odd bird Style:

Yamaha V-max is like an odd bird. It is a cruiser bike, but its sports bike genes are more dominant. Its Jakusa Design features solid flat disk rims, which give it a bold, militant appearance. 

VMax bird style bike

It has two functional air scoops on both sides of its fuel tank, giving it a distinctive Crouched-Bulldog look. There is a very small amount of pullback on the handlebars, allowing you to lean into acceleration easily. 

All upper bodywork, from the head to the tail, has been modified using MT-10. In addition, the matt black and dark gray color scheme emphasizes the sharper aesthetic of the new or recycled headlight and tail assembly.



Heavy 1,197cc Engine


Yamaha Introduced its V-max in 1985 with DOHC V-4 1,197 cc engine with a 76 mm × 66 mm bore and stroke ratio. But later, in 2005, Yamaha displayed its completely redesigned V-max at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, which was publicly available in North America and Europe in 2009.

The New V-max has DOHC V-4 1,679 cc engine. Both generations of this bike have a liquid cooling system to prevent engine heating.

Speed like Bullet Train

Both generations of this bike are available in the market and have different engines. The 1198 cc engine with four valves per cylinder has a top speed of 240 km/h / 150 mph. It will produce 120 HP at 9000 rpm.

On the other hand, the 1679 cc engine variant can produce 200 HP at 9000 rpm with 123 ft-lb maximum torque. It has a top speed of 140 mph.

Both of these bikes have 5-speed transmissions, but the 2009 model also has a slipper clutch. It can easily go 0-60 mph in 2.65 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 2.81 seconds. 

Average Suspension

V-max suspension

The suspension of this bike is up to the mark and performing well. It has a 52 mm telescopic cartridge front fork with oxidized titanium coating and a single shock with a remote reservoir.

Both front and rear suspension is fully adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression. The front fork has 4.7 inches, and the rear shock has 4.3 inches of travel. 

Superb Brakes 

Yamaha V-max Brake

The braking system of this massive monster is also good. You will get dual wave-type 12.6 in / 320 mm discs with radial-mount 6-piston calipers and a Brembo master cylinder for the front wheel. You will get a wave-type 11.7 in / 298 mm disc for the rear wheel with a single-piston caliper and Brembo master cylinder.


V-max seat

It has a seat height of 30.5 inches(775 mm), slightly higher than the Grom bike of Honda, and 69.9 inches(1699 mm) wheelbase, which is pretty much the reason for its comfortable ride.

Talking about its handling, let me tell you its early models did not have good handling and was criticized for poor cornering ability and handling. But later, Yamaha overcame this issue by making its chassis lightweight and placing the engine lower for centralization so the rider gets perfect handling.

Safety Features

Ycc-T Fly-by-wire throttle

The safety features of this bike are given below.

  • Wave-style brake discs 

It has wave-style brake discs, which wear out less rapidly than the regular round brakes. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce long-term costs and ensure your brakes last longer.

  • Anti-Lock brake system (ABS)

There are three ABS positions on the V-max, all of which are linear-controlled by Yamaha. As a result, braking on slick or wet surfaces is more controllable.

  • Adjustable front and rear suspension

Adjustable suspension settings allow riders to adjust suspension settings to match their weight, load, and road conditions.

  • YCC-T Fly-by-wire throttle

This bike has a YCC-T Fly-by-wire throttle feature. As a result of this feature, you will have exceptional throttle response and throttle control and will be able to ride responsively.


Being Japanese-made, there’s no surprise that it is a reliable bike even though the motorcycle has remained largely unrecalled despite being in production for over three decades. If you are considering buying this bike and here for a good suggestion, you can go with this easy-to-maintain bike.

Triumph rocket 3 VS V-max: Which one is Best?

Triumph rocket 3 VS V-max

Triumph rocket 3 has a 2458 cc engine with a top speed of 140 mph, while V-max has a 1679 cc engine with a top speed of 140mph- 150 mph. Both have almost the same braking system, but the tire size of rocket 3 is a bit bigger.

Both bikes have a telescopic front fork, but the rocket has a swing arm rear suspension while V-max has a Single shock with a remote reservoir. Triumph rocket 3 price is around 23400 to 24400 while V-max (2009 model) is available for around $19890 (2009 model).

Price of Yamaha Vmax

It is a popular bike available for $3,500-$5,500 (1985 model). And if you want its 2009 model, it would be around $19890 in good condition. Both of these variants are affordable; you can choose any of them.

If you want advanced features, a massive engine, and can afford the 2009 model, you have to go with it, but if you don’t have the sufficient amount and want the same power, you can go with its 1985 model.


It is a Powerful bike with eye-catching looks. It was featured in a few games and the ghost rider movie. It was initially released in 1985 with an 1197 cc V-4 engine, but later Yamaha upgraded it in 2009 and replaced the 1197 cc engine with a 1679 cc engine. 

Along with good looks, it has robust power and can go up to 150 mph. It has a 52 mm telescopic cartridge front fork with oxidized titanium coating and a single shock with a remote reservoir to provide an average riding experience. 

V-max has a dual wave-type 12.6 in / 320 mm disc brake for the front and wave-type 11.7 in / 298 mm disc brake for the rear tire, along with ABS and YCC-T Fly-by-wire throttle. All of these features make sure rider safety.

This bike is available for $3,500-$5,500 (1985 model), and if you want to buy its 2009 model, you have to pay around $19890.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions, and their answers are described below.

How long will the V-max engine last?

Engines of motorcycles normally last between 50,000 and 250,000 miles, depending on their type, make, model, and how they are stored, maintained, and ridden. There’s only one thing you must do to make your bike live long is maintain your bike well if you want it to run long. Per my experience and other reviews, people have a 60k to 80k ridden V-max and are still running like a Swiss watch.

What is the fuel average of V-max?

The Yamaha V-max can go 14 km per liter, and its 15 litter tank can go 210 km in a full fuel tank. 

Why did Yamaha discontinue the V-max?

Upgrading the V-max to euro 5 did not make sense to Yamaha, so the company decided to discount it. In its last few years, it was only available for sale in North America due to the euro 3 technology.

Is there a 2023 Yamaha V-max?

No, there’s no Yamaha V-max 2023, as Yamaha discontinued it in 2020, and there’s no announcement yet made about this bike.

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