Yamaha YZF-R7: Sport bike Review (Top Speed, Specs and Price)

Yamaha YZF-R7

Yamaha has a unique name in the world of biking and racing. Every step that it takes is viewed with extreme scrutiny by the people. It launches every new model considering the interests of the audience. Moreover, because of the constant demands in the market, it launches a new model almost every year. 

Therefore, when Yamaha decided to retire the R6 model in 2020, people were left with nothing but surprise. However, this retirement news came up with the news of launching the new model R7. Right after the announcement by Yamaha to launch the new model, discussions started to take place between people. Yamaha did not announce the type of engine to be used in the next model. Therefore, the internet was left with multiple predictions by people about the engine to be used in the new bike. 

Yamaha YZF-R6 Black

People were expecting the new engine to be four-lined. However, Yamaha went against the people’s expectations, and the engine turned out to be a parallel twin. This unexpected engine sparked another debate among people, forming two groups. One group supported the decision of the Yamaha, and the other resisted it and called it a rash decision.


689cc liquid-cooled
Bore x Stroke
80.0mm x 68.6mm
Compression Ratio
Front Brakes
Dual 298mm hydraulic disc
Rear Brakes
245mm hydraulic disc
81.5 in
Width27.8 in
Height45.7 in
Ground Clearance
5.3 in
Seat Height
32.9 in
Fuel Capacity
3.4 gal
Wet Weight
414 lb

The Significant Features of Yamaha YZF-R7 

The new model of Yamaha has all the features that immediately made it the customer favorite. It is 749 cc and can push about 140 HP. It is very light in weight and is made from aluminum, steel, and titanium. The engine was designed keeping in view the purpose of the new racing bike. It was meant to participate in the Suzuki Worldbike Championship and run for eight hours in the Suzuka endurance race. 

The Ultra-Slim Frame

The frame of the bike is also designed keeping in view its engine. It is very light in weight, so it reduces the mass and increases the speed. The complete body is made of aluminum fastened with titanium nuts and bolts. Its frame is similar to MT-07 with the difference that in YZF R7, most of the load is shifted to the front portion of the bike to increase the balance.

Yamaha YZF-R7 top speed 

The top speed of yamaha yzf-r7 is 139mph. Although in various conditions, you may touch 150mph with this bike. It produces 66hp at 8610 rpm and 45.72 lb/ft of torque at 6,380 rpm. Moreover, Its telescopic front fork and linked-type monocross rear shock (each with 5.1-in travel, adjustable for preload and rebound) ensure the drive is secure even when traveling at high speed.


Its weight is also wholly reasonable, making it the best option for racing. Its weight is 4 kg heavy as compared to that of MT-07. The reason for this heavier weight is the added plastic. Its fuel tank is 1 liter smaller, and its battery is 1.1 kg lighter.

Moreover, its shape also makes it pierce through the air very well. Its weight is about 414 lbs. compared to R6, which has a dry weight of 416. 

Meeting the Road Requirements

The bike also meets the 1999 road requirements of the United States. It has two mirrors stuck on its front, surpassing the requirements test.

What about Displacement?

The importance of displacement in the world of racing is more than anything. One plus point about R7 is its displacement, which is very much more as compared to that of R6. R7 displaces 689 cc, which is much more when compared with R6, which displaces about 599 cc. 

Although the importance of having a heavy engine can never be denied, it is only helpful if you can move your bike easily. Therefore, more displacement also means a more powerful engine. This model is made considering this feature in mind and has a great displacement. 


The Yamaha YZF-R7 review shows it is entirely reliable as its sturdy parts are. They highlight that the body of the bike is entirely rust-proof except for occasional traces of rust on the swing arm welds. Moreover, its paint is also very durable and everlasting. 


The R7 model is perfect for any individual who is new9 in the riding field. It has an aggressive sports bike look and is a comfy bike to travel across the city. Moreover, it is also very affordable for any individual, being more readily available than R6 and R1. 

What is its History?

Yamaha YZF-R7 is not an entirely new model. It first came out in 1999 and is not well-known because only 500 units were made. Out of these 500, some were given to racing teams supported by Yamaha, and some made it to the showroom to reach the audience.

You must be thinking that it is such an outclass bike, so why did its production stop? Although it is the number one 750 cc bike, the Superbike World Championship started making 600cc and 1000 cc motorbikes because of their popular demand in the market. 

Along with this 1999 model, another model named Yamha YZF R6 that produced 100 HP appeared. Its price was also market competitive and received much praise from people. 

Similarities with other models

This Yamaha YZF-R7 model came after slight modifications in the MT-07. It belongs to the R family and has few similarities with the family members R1 and R3.

R7’s seat is higher as compared to MT-07, along with handlebars. It takes inspiration from R6 for the triangular riding seat. The seat is comfortable, along with being very sporty-looking and classic. It gives the perfect rider feeling to the person sitting on it. 

Comfortable for Public Roads

R7 is also very comfortable for public roads as compared to R6, which was designed keeping in view the racing roads. Although R7 was made on the model R6, the former was a complete success on the racing track, winning racing championships. However, it could have been more comfortable for public roads. This is a surprise for an average individual, given their frequency of being seen on public roads. R7 is very comfortable for public roads.

Although the bike looks just like a racing bike, they are very comfortable for road travel. 

Continuing the Legacy 

The Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 has continued the legacy of the R7 from 1999. It is a bike made with purpose and the best thing to take on the road. If you are a skilled biker, this bike is the best option. Headlights, mirrors, and indicators make it the perfect road partner. 


If you are also fond of bikes, this is the time to buy one. Yamaha YZF-R7 is the best option for young riders because of its unique looks and affordable rate.

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