Youth ATVs for Your Kids: Top 7 Choices

Youth ATV

People adore independence. Letting them engage in their favorite activities gives them confidence and exposure. The same is the case with kids that long for adventure and freedom to see the world through their perspective. What can be more helpful in this regard than gifting them the best youth ATVs? Moreover, going outside for adventure also gives them an opportunity to engage in physical activities, which is a sorry modern phenomenon. However, in order to purchase the best kids and youth ATVs, you must be aware of the best ATV brands and their vehicles. This is what we are going to tell you in this article. If you want to gift your kid the best ATV, this article is surely for you.

The market is crowded with several brands that feature modern specs. In contrast, some still rely on traditional technology and manufacture moderate vehicles. So, you must comprehend the dynamics of the market before you finalize your choice. After reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a perfect youth ATV.

Top 7 Youth ATVs for Adventurous Kids

Capitalism and free markets have multiplied the market competition regardless of what you buy. Similarly, plenty of brands now manufacture ATVs. However, not all of them stick to the quality of their model. Therefore, you must thoroughly research before buying an ATV. After considerable research, we have enlisted the top 7 youth ATVs for adventurous kids that come with safety features like a speeding limit to ensure a safe ride.

1: X-PRO 110cc ATV

X-Pro 110cc ATv

X-PRO 110cc ATV tops our list of the best youth ATVs. The company has made this machine by keeping kids in mind. For example, they have focused on its design and color patterns to make it stylish for kids. When it comes to the engine, a robust 110cc engine powers this vehicle. Besides that, this four-wheeler features an automatic clutch transmission that makes the ride simple and easy to navigate. In order to further make the ride safe, it has a hydraulic disc and drum brakes rear and front, respectively.

As far as the build quality and style is concerned, you can choose from different colors to meet your kid’s taste. Since it was made for children, the manufacturers have prioritized its style and shape. Kids aged 10 and below 132 pounds can ride this adventurous X-PRO 110cc ATV. Although its engine gets too hot sometimes, the air cooling system does not let things out of hand. Its price ranges from $899 to $930. This double-arm suspension vehicle can touch a maximum speed of 32 mph. As far as safety measures are concerned, they included a speed limiter, a remote stop from parents, and an engine kill switch. In short, a safe ride for children.

2: Costzon Ride-on ATV

Costzon Ride-on ATV

Add fun with adventure with the Costzon Ride-on ATV. If your kid is between the ages of 3 to 6 years and wants to ride a bike, this model is what you should buy to surprise him/her. It includes a USB port, AUX input, and a fully functional MP3 for fun factors. Moreover, working headlights and honking further make it attractive for kids. With a top speed of 2 miles per hour and a 6-volt battery motor, the Costzon Ride-on ATV is quite safe to ride. Other safety measures include high-quality rugged wheels and a spring suspension system.

Since it is for the littlest riders, seat position, and navigability are designed accordingly. The foot peddle allows the smallest rider to control the brake and throttle, hands occupying the steering. In short, the Costzon Ride-on ATV is perfect for small kids because it is safe and easy to ride.

3: Arctic Cat Alterra 90

Arctic Cat Alterra 90

If your kid is a new rider and wants to drive an ATV, you can rely on the Arctic Cat Alterra 90. This model has a 90cc air-cooled engine with a final chain drive and CVT transmission. Moreover, the electric start with the kickstart backup makes it easier for small riders to navigate it easily. As ease is concerned, a contoured and plush seat with easy movement further adds the element of comfort and ease while driving. When it comes to suspensions, a single A-arm, preload adjustable shock 2.8 inches travel and swingarm, preload-adjustable shock, and 2.9-inch travel front and rear, respectively, feature this model. The minimum recommended age for this vehicle is ten years. Kids above that age can enjoy this ride.

Where safety elements are concerned, the engine features a throttle limiter that allows parents to control the vehicle. In addition, a lengthy orange flag makes it easier for the parents to locate the ride. To stop a vehicle, dual hand lever brakes are quite handy to control and stop the ride. You can purchase the Arctic Cat Alterra 90 for your kids for $3359.

4: Suzuki Z50

Suzuki Z50

Another model that really impresses kids is the Suzuki Z50 50cc ATV. Kids can fly stylishly around the yard and neighborhood with this amazing machine. On top of that, the minimum recommended age for this all-terrain vehicle is six years. Children with no riding experience can ride this machine. As far as specs are concerned, a 50cc easy-going air-cooled, single-cylinder engine and thoroughly automatic CVT multiply the riding fun of little angels. Since it was manufactured for kids of 6 years, its seat height is low at 21.1 inches. This makes it easier for them to climb onto the seat easily. Moreover, the control of the machine is also made kids-oriented.

If we talk about safety measures, Suzuki features this ATV with a throttle and tether limiter. These features help parents be aware of the vehicle’s safety nets and rides. When it comes to price, you have to pay around $2349 for the Suzuki Z50. Without any doubt, Suzuki is one of the best brands that produce kids-oriented ATVs. That is why the Suzuki Z50 is one of our recommended models on this list.

5: Can-Am Renegade 70

Can-Am Renegade 70 ATV

If you are searching for an ATV with modern, powerful specs and easy navigability, the Can-Am Renegade 70 is the perfect choice for you. At just $2999, you can purchase this vehicle that can actualize an adventurous ride for your kids. Their minimum age should be six years if you finalize the Can-Am Renegade 70. A CVT with reverse, neutral, and forward gears, a throttle limiter, and electronic fuel injection make it an excellent deal. All these specs enable this vehicle to perform well even in rugged terrains.

Its diverse technology makes it equally perfect for recreational and trail rides. Regarding suspensions, the single A-arm, oil shock, 5.0-inch travel and swingarm, and 6.0-inch travel for front and rear, respectively, come with this powerful and kids-friendly machine. On top of that, you can alter and make adjustments in order to make it adaptable to the rider.

6: Honda TRX90X

Honda TRX90X ATV

With a sporty look and excellent features, the Honda TRX90X is one of the best commonly-known ATV models. Although it can reach the maximum speed of 23 mph, don’t worry about this top speed. Because there are plenty of safety features that make its ride safe. Other features include an 86cc SOHC single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, fuel capacity of 2 gallons, 251 lbs weight, 38.7 inches wheelbase, dual-sealed and sealed drum front, and rear brakes, respectively, and a seat height of 26 inches. All these specs go a long way in making the Honda TRX90X a kids-friendly ATV.

Moreover, this vehicle comes in three different versions; TRX90X, TRX90EX, and the TRX 90 base model. If we talk about the exterior and look of the TRX90X, its steel body and plastic frame come in three different colors(red, black, and white). And kids with a minimum age of 10 years can ride this machine. You can purchase all these specs at just $3249. Gift your kids this powerful youth ATV.

7: Razor Dirt Quad 500

Razor Dirt Quad 500

The list of the top 7 youth ATVs is incomplete without mentioning the Razor Dirt Quad 500. If your Kid is above 10 years, this ATV is one of the best in the market. All-terrain tires and durable material make it weather tough conditions. Besides that, diverse colors for both boys and girls are available. With a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs and a top speed of 8 mph, the Razor Dirt Quad 500 is ideal for kids.

Furthermore, this electric vehicle generates power of 24 volts. With the full charge, it can continuously work for 40 minutes. In addition to power, the Quad 500 is an emblem of a smooth ride, thanks to its rear droop suspension and 12-inch knobby air-filed tires. A hand-operated rear disc brake and a twist-grip throttle are handy to control the speed. The excitement of fully controlling the ride further pleases kids. Lastly, the price of this powerful and stylish ATV is around $1199.

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Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned models are the best youth ATVs for kids. Not only are they powerful in specs, but they also ensure maximum safety features and comfort. The Razor Dirt Quad 500 and the Honda TRX90X are our picks for your kids. Their navigability is simple, power is sufficient, and comfort levels are maximum. More than that, what we recommend for younger kids are the Suzuki Z50 and the Can-Am Renegade 70. Both of the vehicles are ideal if your kids are six years of age. Keeping in mind the little angels of this age, they have manufactured design, power, and maneuverability. Although all these models are the best on the market, I recommend the Razor Dirt Quad 500 and Suzuki Z50 for your kids and younger ones, respectively. As compared to other models in the list, they are perfect as far as safety nets are concerned. 

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